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QBurst's software development methodology has evolved from our experience delivering 500+ projects. Each one of those projects was different and solved a unique problem. One thing we have learnt from experience is that software development does not have much in common with manufacturing, which is a repeatable production process. Following a recipe will not ensure success. Software development is a creative process and involves trial-and-error. However, chances of failure can be reduced by following proven best practices such as code reviews, unit testing, and continuous integration. And last but not the least, software development requires the right kind of people and tools.

Agile Development

Our development methodology is based on agile principles and techniques. Historically, companies have followed the waterfall model, which is a phased approach where requirements analysis is done upfront, followed by high-level design, low-level design, coding, testing, and finally user-acceptance. However, waterfall model has its drawbacks; the main problem being its inflexibility. Very often, requirements may not be clear upfront or may change during the course of a project. In agile development, business and development teams work together closely. The product is developed incrementally in iterations. Working software is produced early and new features are frequently released. End-users get to use the software while new features are still being developed.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing
software by doing it and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.

The default agile methodology we follow is Scrum, but based on project and client needs, we often come up with a custom process.

Methodology Logo

Below is description of each stage:

  • Project Initiation
    We start the project by documenting the business owner's wish-list. A wish-list is a set of use cases that the business or product owner wants implemented. During the initiation phase, the use cases are documented at a high-level (or at least use-case titles are written down). A high-level effort estimate is added to each use case. The list of use cases is then prioritized for implementation. This results in the creation of the Product Backlog.
  • Product Backlog
    The Product Backlog must be maintained and refined on a continuous basis throughout the project life-cycle. New requirements are added as and when they are unearthed. Existing use cases may be broken down into finer-grained use cases. Estimates may change as new facts come to light. Priorities may also end-up changing.
  • Sprints
    The product is developed in an incremental fashion in multiple sprints. A sprint is the basic unit of development in Scrum. It is "timeboxed" and the average duration is two weeks, though sprints of one week to a month are common. A planning meeting is conducted prior to the start of a sprint. In this meeting, the product owner and developers work together to come up with the sprint backlog, i.e., the list of requirements that would be completed during the sprint.

    During a sprint, short daily project status meetings occur in which both product owner and developers participate. These are called daily scrums. In these meetings, each developer says what they had worked on the previous day, what they plan to do for the day, and if they have encountered an impediment.

    At the end of a sprint, a working software increment must be produced. The sprint deadline is never extended. If a requirement cannot be completed, it gets moved back to the product backlog. Also, during a sprint, requirements are never changed. Thus the developers are shielded from requirement changes allowing them to work uninterruptedly. A review meeting is conducted at the end of the sprint and completed work is presented to stakeholders.

To summarize, our development methodology is based on working in close collaboration with customers, frequent releases of working software, and rapid iterations.


  • We really enjoyed working with the QBurst team. They were very responsive to our needs and really helped accelerate our development on a critical mobile project.
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    Manu Kodiyan

    Co-Founder, AltheaHealth
  • QBurst had proven themselves to be a high-performing partner for various web development projects in the past, so when we needed support for some of our backend processes, we knew where to turn. The team at QBurst understood our objectives and helped us become more efficient and productive.
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    Harry Brooks

    CMO, Conversion Pipeline
  • QBurst has been providing us social media analytics for our client Airtel across Africa for the period of last eight months. The reports they deliver on a daily basis and monthly analysis have helped us recommend marketing strategies that has helped Airtel engage better online.
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    Samuel Karanja

    Managing Director - Kenya, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
  • QBurst was a fantastic resource that helped us quickly build our vision into a reality. The QBurst team exceeded our expectations in helping our team develop all of our ideas in a fraction of the time that would have been required had we tried to do it all on our own.
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    Derek Juang

    Co-Founder, Docphin
  • QBurst has repeatedly provided me and my company with quality mobile solutions over the past year. As someone who has struggled to find competent offshore developers in the past, I know how valuable a team like QBurst can be.
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    Thomas Gardin

    President, Toto Ventures Inc.
  • The QBurst team has supported me on a variety of mobile solutions during the last three years and I have always found them reliable and professional. They have helped my business grow by completing projects for me quickly and on time.
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    Richard Birch

    Director, Vettura Limited
  • Thank you QBurst! You guys have made the effort to understand our business and not just execute our requests, but add value to our business in the support portal redesign and analytics qburst. The teams always have a positive attitude and can pull it together quickly to meet last minute changes and deadlines.
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    Nilofer Saidi

    Sr. Director - Customer Relationship Management, Rosetta Stone
  • QBurst's familiarity with our industry and product goals made them an ideal development partner. They hit the ground running and impressed us with their professionalism and technical expertise.
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    Kevin Wu

    Director - Product Management, Monvia Inc.
  • QBurst engineers have played an essential role in the evolution of our product. We have always found QBurst to be accommodating, capable, and professional. I would recommend their services.
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    Cliff Peskin

    Co-President, BuzzBuzzHome Corp
  • QBurst is a valued partner to AddThis. Their QA and development staff are a core part of our product development team; they are professionals who can be relied upon to deliver.
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    Will Meyer

    SVP Publisher Products, AddThis
  • We have been working with QBurst for the past couple of years. They have provided us with excellent Quality Assurance support for our top-ranking Mobile/Tablet shopping applications for iOS and Android devices.
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    Prasanth Madhavan

    Director Of Engineering, Thefind
  • We have worked with QBurst for six years now, since we first launched PrivateFly, and they feel very much part of our team. They are a trusted and loyal partner, helping us in both our day-to-day development and in the launch of new products - such as our mobile apps and most recently, our relaunched website.
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    Adam Twidell

    CEO and Founder, PrivateFly
  • I take this opportunity to thank QBurst team for the efficient manner in which the recent migration of the IDR site was organized. QBurst's professional approach and well-knit team work, quick response to queries and offering alternative solutions to problems is very helpful for laymen like us.
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    Capt. Bharat Verma

    Chief Editor, Indian Defence Review
  • The QBurst team's technical expertise, customer focused and flexible approach was truly commendable. Throughout the course of the project, QBurst delivery focus has centered around the benefits of the solution to the customer's business and their iterative development methodology in order to mitigate risks, has been one of the best that we have witnessed on projects.
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    Damanvir Singh

    IS/IT Manager - Gulf, AstraZeneca FZ LLC
  • As a small startup company, we were looking for a development partner we could trust with our big ideas and limited resources. From the first days of our project, the QBurst team has demonstrated the highest levels of interest, commitment, creativity, and flexibility.
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    Jim Idelson

    President, DesigNET International
  • They took my vision and created the envy of my industry. Together we created a fully optimized home for our company in a highly advanced open source platform that will please Google spiders and certainly the website visitor.
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    Tom Gilmour

    Principal, ICN Metro
  • QBurst is a valued development resource for DeSilva Gates Construction. They've developed several web applications that have improved our internal business processes which have resulted in improved performance in our construction operations.
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    Gavin O'Connor

    IT Manager, DeSilva Gates Construction
  • Our experience with the QBurst team has been one of incredible synergy and genuine trust from Day One. Every aspect of customer service from account management and technical expertise to practical web solutions and database development approaches has been above and beyond anything we ever thought possible.
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    Mayra Ruiz

    Founder and Social Media Strategist, Ruiz Mcpherson Communications
  • QBurst gave us a plug and play solution for QA and automated testing. The QBurst team is friendly and professional, and extremely detail oriented. They know what to look for.
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    Haroon Mokhtarzada

    Co-Founder and CEO, Webs
  • QBurst provided competitive intelligence and market research for various business functions at Network Solutions. Their analysts have extensive domain knowledge in the web-services qburst, provide rapid turn-arounds, and generate actionable outputs that are uniquely tailored to our business needs.
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    Jason Hunter

    Manager - Marketing Strategy, Network Solutions