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Omnia - IoT Platform for Industries

Connect your machines and sensors to the cloud for improved monitoring and analytics.

Faster Way to Industrial Internet

QBurst IoT platform takes the worry out of industry-specific implementations, allowing you to deploy IoT solutions without long project schedules. You can now develop analytics-rich IoT applications at much lower costs in shorter timelines.

  • Connect

    Connect remote devices, sensors, machine PLCs

  • Capture

    Capture data using MQTT, CoAP or HTTP protocol

  • Interpret

    Analyze and report in real time using integrated visualization tools

Omnia Industrial IoT Platform

See How Omnia Works

Omnia is a solution designed to simplify IoT implementation in industrial environments. The IoT platform includes tools and industry-standard devices for machine to machine connectivity, data capture, big data analysis, and reporting.

Sensors can be installed in machines around your factory as required. If you already have a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system running, we will integrate it with the Omnia platform. These sensors relay information through wired or wireless connections to a central hub which acts as the network gateway. While the gateway device is Modbus-compatible, it can also accept data over low-cost and less power consuming wireless protocols such as IEEE 802.15.4, or Bluetooth Low Energy. The device will also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot enabling mobile devices to connect and grab data on the factory floor.

Omnia Industrial IoT Platform

Sensor data routed through the gateway is sent to our cloud-based big data platform over lightweight messaging protocols, such as MQTT or CoAP, ensuring low overhead. Alternatively, Internet-enabled sensors can transmit data directly to the Omnia platform.

On the IoT platform, a message broker such as Apache Kafka translates incoming data into our proprietary format for processing. The core big data engine converts data into meaningful information in lightning fast speed enabling near real-time intelligence. Processed information may be stored or relayed to end users via custom-built web/mobile applications.

IoT Platform Architecture

Industrial IoT Platform Powering Smarter Manufacturing

Powering Smarter Manufacturing

  • Machine to machine communication and automation are prevalent in many manufacturing units. Our enterprise IoT platform extends those capabilities, allowing unified visibility to optimize and control operations.
  • Preconfigured to connect to sensors, PLCs, cameras, digital gauges, and other endpoint devices.
  • Packaged with Internet-enabled micro-computing devices to help scale connectivity across entire plants or multiple locations.

Intelligence Secured

  • Our cloud-based platform enables rapid deployment of IoT solutions effectively addressing security challenges.
  • Role-based access control and secure authentication to connect to the cloud service.
  • Data is never lost; stored and forwarded in case of data connection issues.
  • Private hosting of Omnia platform enables tighter control over your data.
Omnia is a secure industrial IoT platform
Actionable Intelligence using Omnia Industrial IoT Platform

Actionable Intelligence at Fingertips

  • The Omnia IoT platform is wired to process data of multiple formats and present the analytical information.
  • Collect data from a wide variety of sensors.
  • Monitor close to real-time data.
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly reports.
  • View reports on mobile or web dashboard.

How IIoT is Transforming the World

IoT has huge potential in manufacturing and other industries. Moving from traditional SCADA systems to IoT technology enables you to monitor machines and processes in real-time at significantly lower infrastructural costs. You can gain valuable insights into machine performance and process flows, helping you optimize and reap the most out of your investment.

In manufacturing, Industrial Internet can enable

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset health monitoring
  • Process optimization
  • Preemptive maintenance

Real-World Applications of Industrial IoT

  • Monitors on valves controlling gas flow to flare stacks in refineries.
  • Wireless acoustic sensors to monitor steam traps.
  • Real-time air quality monitoring to prevent public health hazards due to pollutants.
  • Individual health monitors and alert systems in hospitals.
  • Monitoring of ambulance patients by radio telemetry.
  • Light and temperature control systems in buildings and homes.
  • Plant monitors with moisture sensors that water plants as soil moisture falls.

Why You Need an IoT Solution?

  • Monitor complex environments
  • Uncover compelling insights
  • Make accurate predictions
  • Optimize business operations

What’s Included in Our IoT Pack?

  • Microcontroller-based gateway to collect data from endpoint devices
  • Pre-configured cloud connectivity for storage of gathered data
  • Integrated third party tools for advanced big data analytics
  • Mobile and web applications for anywhere, anytime access to insights

What is IIoT Consulting?

  • Business process analysis and digitization options
  • Evaluation of connectivity options and protocol choice
  • Study of M2M architecture and integration with existing systems
  • Advice on technology investment and ROI models
  • Plagued by questions?

    Invite our team of experts down to your factory floor for an investigative analysis.

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