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jQuery Mobile For Hybrid Apps

jQuery Mobile is a favorite of ours when developing hybrid mobile applications. This HTML5-based user interface (UI) framework is built on jQuery core and specially designed for mobile platforms. It is stable, flexible, and being open source, enjoys a lot of community support.

User Interface Customization

jQuery Mobile provides both UI components and API features for building mobile-friendly sites and applications. Rather than act as a layer on top of HTML and CSS, it provides ways to position UI components using HTML. Design customization is thus easier compared to using JavaScript alone.

Native Device Functionality

To package and deploy the app to devices, JavaScript frameworks such as PhoneGap come in handy. jQuery Mobile syncs well with PhoneGap. PhoneGap makes it possible to access the device camera, contacts, file system, and other functionalities specific to the device or operating system.

Featured App

Apps for the financial sector

This is a set of apps built for insurance company agents and their customers. The customer self-service application was developed for multiple platforms using PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile framework.

We have created many hybrid apps where the native device functionality is accessed through PhoneGap and UI development is done using jQuery Mobile. If you prefer experienced hands for your project, request a quotation from our team.