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Bringing Efficiencies to the Inspection Process

Tezzle makes quality inspections a snap. Tezzle is a tablet-based solution, which can be used for carrying out quality control checks, especially in engineering and manufacturing projects. Tezzle replaces paper-based forms used in quality checks with a paperless solution that improves efficiency. If you do a lot of fieldwork, data collection, and reporting, Tezzle can make life easier for you.

Users can easily create forms and checklists to simplify the inspection process and reduce the overall time taken for verification. Tezzle can be deployed across multiple locations, departments or projects and even supports offline inspections. Testers or technicians fill out the forms when away from computer or wireless networks and sync the data when they are back.

The solution can be deployed with minimal customization and at one-third the cost of developing a custom application.



  • Locomotive


  • Aviation


  • Oil And Gas

    Oil & Gas

  • Telecom

    Telecom Infrastructure

  • Heavy-Equipment

    Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

  • And more...

Average Implementation Time:6 to 8 weeks

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

Tezzle aims to reduce paperwork involved in testing and verification. The application provides well defined workflows, user profiles and multiple authorization levels that help to streamline the inspection process and make it run smoothly.

Record Keeping

Specialized or Custom Testing

Tezzle makes it easy to handle testing and verification of custom orders components having complex requirements. Ideal for industries where routine testing of equipment, record keeping and regulatory compliance is important, Tezzle is useful for managing specialized set of testing processes.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

With Tezzle, testers are able to access and fill out forms from multiple or far away locations. The application provides notifications to technicians on tests to be performed and items to be scrutinized. Updates relating to the status of assignments and tests are relayed to supervisors. Thus the software brings improved visibility to the entire testing process allowing users to track status in real time.

Specialized Testing

Record Keeping

Managing historical data is cumbersome if you are using paper forms. Tezzle being paperless simplifies storing and retrieval of historical inspection data. Managers can easily refer previous test results to compare outcomes and make informed decisions.

Tezzle client runs on Android tablets. The server-side code runs on Amazon AWS platform.

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