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Business Solutions Using Google Apps

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Google Apps for Business is a cloud-based productivity solution that can be used by business organizations of all sizes. The collection of web applications in this suite of office tools consists of email, calendar, sites, chat, documents and data storage, discussion groups, etc. A large number of organizations rely on Google Apps to meet their collaboration and communication needs. Google Apps for Business also includes the Google Apps Marketplace which is an app store with both free and paid apps. Businesses can install and integrate a variety of apps from the marketplace to further customize their Google Apps experience.

By moving to Google Apps, businesses eliminate the need to install and maintain desktop software. Moving to the cloud also reduces hardware requirements and results in considerable savings in terms of cost and time. Moreover, businesses are able to provide their end-users with solutions built on the latest technology with high scalability. With Google Apps, even small businesses can provide an enterprise-class productivity solution to their users with minimum investment.

The web-based email solution in Google Apps saves businesses from the hassles of running their own mail servers. With 25GB storage, Gmail provides business users with much more storage than the industry average. Powerful and community-driven spam filtering features along with inbound mail filtering tools powered by Postini, lets users customize their spam protection. Interoperability with MS outlook is yet another factor that makes Google Apps email endearing to its users. Communication within organizations becomes easier with instant messaging, voice and video chat facilities. Google calendars can be shared, making it easy to schedule and manage meetings.

Businesses can use Google Apps as a document management system as well. Google Sites help to organize information and store it centrally. Businesses can easily build collaborative websites for intranets and team projects without any coding effort. Google Docs provides online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., that users can edit and update simultaneously. Users can upload and store files as well as share them with others. With the documents in the Google cloud, business users can access files anytime anywhere and even through mobile devices. Moreover Google Docs and Sites work in the browser, independent of the operating system.

Google Apps account includes many more products and access to dozens of other Google services. All of these applications are built with the latest technology to keep data secure and stored in a widely distributed data center network. Built for teams to collaborate seamlessly across barriers, Google Apps requires no initial capital investment from businesses. Google provides a pay-as-you-go model where businesses can pay as low as $50 per employee (or user) per year.

QBurst helps businesses benefit from Google Apps products by offering the following services:

Google Apps setup

Businesses can have Google Apps set up on their own domains easily and quickly through us. With our expertise and experience, we can facilitate a smooth transition to the Google cloud.

Migration to Gmail

We can help businesses upgrade from other email solutions like Lotus Notes to Google's email service without causing their users to lose existing email.

Single Sign On (SSO) implementation

The Apps login is an OpenID. We can help businesses implement it as the authentication mechanism for other applications in the organization. Many SaaS applications like Salesforce can make use of Google Apps for authentication.

Integration with SSO Service

We can help organizations integrate their existing SSO solution with Google Apps.

Customizing Google Apps Platform

Google Apps provides APIs for programmatic access to domain data. For those businesses that want to extend the capabilities of Google Apps, we can help by creating new apps that integrate well with the existing ones.

Millions of organizations currently use Google Apps. If you would like to find out more about Google Apps and whether it's suitable for your organization, get in touch with us right away.