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Technical Support

Web products require continuous monitoring and periodic maintenance for smooth running. There could be undiscovered bugs, bandwidth issues or unprecedented errors that pop up when an application is moved from QA server to live server.

Technical support service ensures smooth functioning of products by monitoring system resources and managing servers, networks, applications and products, through established contracts with organizations. Technicians work either on-site or remotely based on the need. Remote technical support reduces effort and cost considerably.

Some of the key tasks performed include:

  • Managing IT infrastructure including workstations, servers, and network devices, etc.
  • Installing and configuring web servers, application servers, database servers, etc.
  • Upgrading all software (operating system, system software, server software) to the latest versions.
  • Closing security holes and vulnerabilities with newly available patches.
  • Changing firewall rules as required.
  • Frequently analyzing log files to detect suspicious entries.
  • Frequently conducting security audits in all resources.
  • Installing third party security certificates like SSL.
  • Performing periodic backups.
  • Monitoring bandwidth usage to prevent any overload issues.
  • Optimizing resources usage for better performance.
  • Tuning performance.
  • Performing shell scripting for batch processing.
  • Migrating applications to new servers.
  • Forecasting system problems and providing solutions.

Technical support is usually offered in three ways.

  • Time & Material
  • Block Hours
  • Managed Services

Time and material method works on the basis of a negotiation attained before the support period begins. Here, the organization pays for the resources and developers used. In the second method, the organization purchases blocks of hours. The purchased blocks are used whenever necessary. Managed services are established contracts that work on an ongoing basis. The organization makes a fixed payment and receives 24/7 technical support for a certain period.

QBurst has significant experience in providing technical support through all the three methods. We troubleshoot system errors and problems regardless of their complexity and ensure smooth running of your product. Contact us for more information.