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Virtualization is an important trend that is revolutionizing computing operations and IT infrastructure management in recent years. It refers to the creation of a non-real version of a hardware platform, server, operating system, storage device, database or any other network resource.

For a flexible IT infrastructure that can respond to changing business needs, many businesses are adopting virtualization techniques. Virtualization improves scalability, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and guarantees maximum utilization of invested infrastructure. At QBurst, we offer five types of virtualization services.

  • Application virtualization - Applications are either run from a remote server or streamed from a remote server and made to run on the local machine. There are full and limited application virtualization services. In both cases, the application works irrespective of the underlying operating system, increasing its compatibility.
  • Database virtualization - This type of virtualization enables a database to exist on many servers and hides its actual physical location from the querying program. It helps to increase the number of simultaneous users and queries that a database can handle.
  • Desktop virtualization - Virtualization of desktops involves separating the personal desktop from the physical machine. It gives access to remote desktop environments by encapsulating local desktops. The required desktop environment is configured to be accessed through LAN or WAN. Connection is secure as the virtualization software establishes encrypted desktop sessions over the Internet.
  • Server virtualization - In server virtualization, a physical server is transformed into multiple virtual servers - each of them capable of functioning as individual servers. Server virtualization efficiently manages servers by reducing the amount of unused space. This saves businesses the operational costs of running and managing additional servers.
  • Storage virtualization - Multiple storage devices of different types are optimized and centrally managed in a virtual storage environment. This utilizes the individual capabilities of the various storage devices while removing the complexity in individually managing them.

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