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Developing Mobile Applications

From native to cross-platform to mobile-web apps, From user-friendly consumer apps to game changing B2B apps, We have delivered a broad range of applications for clients.

At QBurst, you get more than access to top coders; you get access to a team that understands multiple aspects of mobile development including user-experience, design, performance, and security. Show More

Consumers apps work with little or zero configuration. We focus on simplicity, design and superior user experience while developing apps for this market. On the enterprise side, we have helped extend legacy applications and databases to the mobile and have managed the complexities of multiple data sources and devices. Our proprietary data synchronization framework enables enterprise apps to work offline in disconnected mode and sync with backend databases when connection is reestablished.

QBurst native application development expertise covers all major smartphone platforms. Native apps can leverage the full power of the underlying platform including parallel processing on GPGPUs and currently offer better performance than their web counterparts. That’s changing though, thanks to the rapid advances in HTML5 and standard interfaces to hardware offered by JavaScript frameworks like jQuery Mobile. Cross-platform development frameworks such as PhoneGap and Titanium offer an excellent alternative to burning resources to develop in two or three platforms at once. Show Less

QBurst has experience integrating technologies and features such as near field communication, gaming, augmented reality (AR), and audio/video streaming into mobile apps.

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables simple and secure wireless interaction between NFC enabled devices without the need for pairing. NFC powered apps are finding their way into mobile payments, ticketing, peer-to-peer content sharing, and loyalty programs. QBurst has developed apps that leverage NFC to let consumers pay for goods with their smartphones.



Beacons are small devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy to interact with mobile phones, especially indoors where GPS and Wi-Fi are not usually effective. Apps using Beacon technology can be used for car parking assistance, personal ID verification, proximity marketing, indoor navigation and more.



Gaming apps are the most popular among mobile applications. We help clients tap this lucrative market with engaging game apps that can support single or multiple players. Multi-player games allow turn based game play and integrate with Apple’s Game Center.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an exciting technology that lets you create an enhanced version of the real world. In mobile apps, AR can be used for real-time image recognition, navigation, virtual tours of places, locating nearby deals, and more. We have built a variety of applications that leverage Augmented Reality SDK to enhance real world experience for the user.

Audio / Video Streaming

Streaming applications make rich media content and podcasts available to smartphone users. QBurst has experience building apps that consume streaming audio and video. We have worked with a variety of video codecs, H.264 profile, and video streaming servers.

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  • We really enjoyed working with the QBurst team. They were very responsive to our needs and really helped accelerate our development on a critical mobile project.
    Read More

    Manu Kodiyan

    Co-Founder, AltheaHealth
  • QBurst has repeatedly provided me and my company with quality mobile solutions over the past year. As someone who has struggled to find competent offshore developers in the past, I know how valuable a team like QBurst can be.
    Read More

    Thomas Gardin

    President, Toto Ventures Inc.
  • The QBurst team has supported me on a variety of mobile solutions during the last three years and I have always found them reliable and professional. They have helped my business grow by completing projects for me quickly and on time.
    Read More

    Richard Birch

    Director, Vettura Limited
  • QBurst's familiarity with our industry and product goals made them an ideal development partner. They hit the ground running and impressed us with their professionalism and technical expertise.
    Read More

    Kevin Wu

    Director - Product Management, Monvia Inc.
  • The QBurst team's technical expertise, customer focused and flexible approach was truly commendable. Throughout the course of the project, QBurst delivery focus has centered around the benefits of the solution to the customer's business and their iterative development methodology in order to mitigate risks, has been one of the best that we have witnessed on projects.
    Read More

    Damanvir Singh

    IS/IT Manager - Gulf, AstraZeneca FZ LLC