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BlackBerry Application Development

BlackBerry is a powerful platform best known for its on-device message encryption. Security and reliability are characteristics that make BlackBerry attractive to enterprises and government agencies. With their experience, QBurst engineers can build enterprise grade solutions that extend the capabilities of this platform beyond emails and messages.  Show More

BlackBerry smartphone applications can be developed as a web app or a Java app. Web apps are written using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and run on the BlackBerry browser. The Java app is developed using native BlackBerry APIs and can make full use of the device capabilities. A third and hybrid variety combines a HTML user interface and Java API access.

Native Java development brings the highest degree of customization to BlackBerry applications. Java apps can access input devices such as touch screen, trackball and trackwheel, use data from the accelerometer, and store data locally in SQLite database. These apps also provide the best user experience.

While Java apps are feature rich and offer greater flexibility, they take longer to develop. When time and cost are constraints and your app does not require push notification, a web app may be the way to go. We can help you weigh the pros and cons and decide on the most suitable path. At QBurst, the BlackBerry development team can handle HTML Webworks just as well as the native Java SDK.

A major challenge in BB development is the unavailability of some of the popular third party libraries. Our developers have successfully written those library equivalents and helped our enterprise clients. For example: Janrain, a single sign-on tool, doesn't provide a library for BlackBerry but it does for Android and iPhone. So, we developed a Janrain custom library for BB. We can create similar custom libraries to realize your app dreams. Though J2ME programming has certain limitations when compared with Objective C and Java, our BB architects have surmounted these limitations with their out of the box solutions.

At QBurst, developers choose between BlackBerry Java Development Environment and BlackBerry plug-in for Eclipse to build native apps. We test on an array of devices before certifying the apps for delivery. We have developed several BlackBerry apps that improve employee productivity and efficiency. We are equally experienced in tuning the platform for consumer-focused applications.  Show Less

Featured Apps

Spanish news app

The app keeps mobile users updated with the latest news, cinemas, lottery results and even weather. Content is delivered in multiple languages with an option to view daily news as a visual brief.

App for metal traders

A social networking application that provides a business platform for metal trading companies and their employees to network. The system offers integrated services which users can access from several platforms such as web, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

An app for the equestrian community

We built an application for users to easily access the full range of emergency assistance offered by a leading equestrian rescue service provider.The app allows users to pinpoint their exact location so that rescue service can reach quickly.

Application for deals and discounts

An app to find best deals and save money. You can search for discounts using zip code, area code or category. The client-side application works with a Web service enabled server-side component.


A proprietary gaming platform to build device independent turn-based games. Multi-player games for popular mobile platforms can be developed faster using this server-side framework.

@ QBurst

  • Multi-platform expertise
  • Lightweight proof of concepts
  • Scalable application architecture
  • Dedicated QA team for mobile testing
  • Extensive system integration testing
  • Expertise in usability and user experience
  • Usable and ergonomically suited app designs
  • Reasonable and up-to-date security protocols