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Performance Testing

For any server-based multi-user system, it is necessary to understand how it responds to multiple users under predefined conditions. Performance testing is often carried out to evaluate the efficiency of system functions under a particular sample of workload. The test also serves to validate other system attributes such as reliability, scalability and resource usage.

Performance testing serves to

  • evaluate response times of all business critical transactions
  • identify bottlenecks in the software
  • determine software design issues
  • define the maximum amount of load a system can handle
  • determine the number of concurrent users the application can support
  • identify server configuration issues with web server, application server, database server etc.
  • assess hardware limitations and determine whether current infrastructure is sufficient to handle predicted user demand.
  • ascertain if the application is scalable.
  • identify the processes that can be run simultaneously without significant performance degradation.

Tests conducted to assess system behavior under a particular load are specifically called load tests. It is a relatively simple form of performance testing which designs and simulates usage traffic to see how the target application behaves when multiple users use it simultaneously. Load testing is especially important if the application, system or service is subject to a service level agreement. Stress tests, on the other hand, help to understand the application's maximum capacity. It identifies the break point workload for an application and the optimal point at which the server crashes.

For any web or mobile application, performance has a direct impact on user experience. Hence performance testing plays a critical role in ensuring user satisfaction and building business revenue. Reliable and robust applications enhance the credibility of the business.

Our Approach

The independent validation and testing team at QBurst conducts various performance tests to ensure high performance and scalable products. The team checks whether the system meets the performance criteria and identifies the part of the system or workload that causes a slack in performance. Some of the tools used by the team include JMeter, NeoLoad, Fiddler, and StresStimulus.

Performance testing of any web or mobile application at QBurst follows a pre-defined process which involves planning, test development, test execution, and review phases.

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QBurst prides itself in building applications that meet availability, performance and scalability needs. Contact us today to know how we can help ensure your applications meet performance standards.