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Magento Ecommerce Platform

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Magento is an eCommerce platform that we highly recommend because of its unique flexibility and customization features. The platform is ideal for businesses that want to quickly grow online. Powerful and feature rich, Magento offers merchants tremendous flexibility with their sales portal. Initially released in 2008, this eCommerce platform comes in three flavors - a free community edition that can be modified and functionality extended by installing extensions, a cloud solution for small business owners who want their hosting taken care of, and the powerful enterprise edition that addresses the full range of eCommerce needs. As solution partners, we extend consultation and implementation support to businesses in choosing the right platform and then customizing it to suit their specific need.

Magento Development

A Magento solution partner, QBurst has a track record for successfully implementing Magento Enterprise Edition. We rely on our development expertise and knowledge of eCommerce to create visually engaging shopping portals capable of attracting and converting online visitors into revenue generating customers.

Knowledge of Magento Platform
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Design, Development, Integration Skills

Why Magento

  • Multi-site functionality
  • Flexible product catalog
  • Tools to promote brand loyalty
  • Integration with major payment gateway providers
  • Built-in SEO functionality
  • Easy-to-navigate admin interface
  • Extensive analytics and reports

Migrating to Magento

Is your current shopping platform scaling with your booming business? If not, you might want to consider switching to Magento. Magento offers an extensive feature set to attract and retain customers. The Enterprise Edition lets you easily scale while maintaining performance and security. However, migration is a crucial and time consuming process. You will need experts to facilitate a smooth transition without causing data loss or inconvenience to your customers.

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Featured Project

Online portal for floral gifts

This brand revolutionized the floral industry while we gave them a customized Magento solution that helped increase their popularity with its attractiveness, convenience and self-serving capability.