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Rich Internet Application (RIA) Technologies

At QBurst we extensively use Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex and HTML 5 to develop a highly interactive and rich user interface. This helps engage the user better, accelerating productivity by empowering businesses with solutions that are faster, responsive, consistent and dynamic when compared to standard web applications.

RIAs essentially simplify complex processes like online shopping, registrations and data analysis. These are web applications that deliver the same features and functionality of traditional desktop applications, but through a more expressive and interactive interface for the end-user.

In a traditional application, interaction is limited to a small set of standard controls such as radio buttons, checkboxes and form fields. This severely limits the ability to create interactive and engaging applications. An RIA can use a wider range of controls allowing efficient interactions and overall user experience.

RIAs follow a standard software development model with the power of an interactive platform that adds rich animation and multimedia capabilities. Besides this, there is real time communication between the user's computer and the web application server that makes data processing quicker and seamless.

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Major Advantages of RIA

  • Ability to deploy across browsers and desktops.
  • Ability to develop new applications that seem impossible with traditional web technologies.
  • Integrates rich functionalities and makes the functions more responsive than in normal applications.
  • Simplifies the process of creating visually appealing images.
  • Provides an engaging and interactive experience to customers or managers.
  • Integrates with existing applications; small modules can be deployed even as part of normal HTML pages.
  • Delivers highly customizable output with a CSS- based model.
  • Uses the 'No-Refresh' technology; keeping consumers on one page, from product selection through the checkout process, reducing checkout defections.
  • Speeds up data transactions and reduces network traffic by using an application specific data engine that sends only the required data.
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility for users, and ability to communicate with each other via video conferences and messengers.
  • Provides immediate and dynamic visual feedback to the user.

All the RIA technology efforts at QBurst are directed at one aim - to provide end users an optimal web experience. Making use of the latest technologies, we are capable of delivering comprehensive RIA solutions to our clients featuring highly responsive user interfaces and rich interactivity. We have extensive experience in designing and developing applications for various industries. Our RIA services portfolio includes:

  • Product Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) Apps
  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Portals

Let us know if you want to develop more than just a pretty interface. We can help you build an interface that is not only visually appealing but also one that engages users with highly interactive experiences.