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Rich Internet Applications for an Engaging Experience

Rich Internet Applications or RIAs help to overcome limitations of traditional web applications in delivering highly engaging user experiences. Using technologies such as HTML5, Silverlight, Flash and AIR, we build interactive applications and interfaces that enhance user productivity as well as satisfaction. Show More

Standard web applications offer only a limited set of user controls. With animations and multimedia capabilities, RIAs make the user interface more responsive. Further, the use of ‘No-Refresh’ technology in RIAs prevents an entire page from reloading ensuring a continuous visual reference to users. This helps to simplify complex processes like online shopping and registrations.

As much of the processing is done on the client side, RIAs also lower bandwidth usage resulting in reduced operational costs. Improved data transaction speed enhances application efficiency adding to the overall customer experience. Show Less

Featured Apps


Games for Kinect

An engaging game played using the Microsoft Kinect. Developed in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), the app utilizes motion sensing and touch screen technologies to make the game interesting and interactive

VOD app using embedded Flash

A white-labeled system for hoteliers to entertain guests. This video-on-demand app lets hotel guests watch TV programs and movies of their choice by executing the flash program on a TV screen.

Business news on Windows Phone

A bilingual news app with multi-platform capability. The Windows Phone version of the app uses Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Toolkit to render the same user experience as on Blackberry and Symbian platforms.

Web and mobile app set for hospitals

A set of applications for physicians and administrative staff that helped increase productivity and efficiency in hospitals. The frontend of the web application was developed using Adobe Flex.

HTML5 Puzzle

A picture puzzle featuring cute graphics and an attractive game-play built using HTML5.

Our RIA development portfolio includes:

  • Product Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) Apps
  • e-Commerce Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Web Portals

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