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Animating Web Pages with Flash

Adobe Flash, the erstwhile Macromedia Flash, makes your web pages animate and interactive. It offers everything to keep your Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) dynamic. It is estimated that more than 75% of the world’s desktops and other multimedia devices use Flash.

QBurst has a team of experienced developers and Adobe Certified Experts, exploring the different realms of Flash. We have been creating websites and catering to the needs of a number of clients using Adobe Flash. Client satisfaction being our utmost priority, we provide customized services to enhance the interactivity of client websites, making them more appealing.

The Flash Advantage

Flash can be used to add animations, audios or videos to a normal HTML page, or can be used to develop an entirely new page. It supports bi-directional streaming of audio and video that makes advertisements, web-based games and mobile games look more attractive. Flash uses an object-oriented programming language called ActionScript, a dialect of JavaScript, to develop websites and web-based games. A Flash Player helps you run the Shockwave Flash Movie (SWF) files on your browser. It works well with most desktop and mobile operating systems.

Flash has been in vogue for more than a decade. A few benefits of Adobe Flash that make it popular among developers and users are:

  • Versatility: Flash can offer a number of features including video, audio, animation, games, interactive movies and a lot more.
  • User-friendliness: Flash websites are more user-friendly, and navigation is convenient and pleasant.
  • Accessibility: It is very easy for a user to access a Flash Player as it is often pre-installed with certain operating systems. It can also be downloaded from the Adobe website, free of cost.
  • Data Security: Flash ensures greater security for the data.
  • Advanced Gaming: Flash is a suitable platform for games, wherein easy online conversion is made possible. Games can easily be embedded in various software like Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Flash Process

Flash Process

Over the years, we have been developing:

  • e-learning websites
  • web-based games
  • animation/cartoons
  • audio/video players
  • enterprise application software
    and many more, using this amazing platform.

Flash makes your website attractive and engaging, ensuring continuous customer interaction. Contact us if you wish to boost your business through a world class website.

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A white-labeled system for hoteliers to entertain guests.

The video-on-demand app lets hotel guests watch TV programs and movies of their choice by executing the flash program on a TV screen.