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Flex For Interactive and Engaging Apps

Flex is a complete and powerful application framework for creating and developing cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It is an open-source and developer-friendly platform, which empowers developers to create highly interactive and expressive applications. It enables programmers and designers to build mobile applications for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS, as well as traditional applications for the browser and the desktop using the same programming model, the same tool, and the same code base.

Over the years, developers at QBurst have achieved a commendable level of success implementing Flex solutions to create impressive RIAs. We have streamlined our processes and polished our capabilities to deliver highly customized solutions for our clients. The vast experience of our experienced-developers can deliver a full range of high quality solutions that fulfill core business requirements. We can create highly intuitive and engaging mobile and web applications that deliver the ultimate experience that customers seek.

Flex Architecture

Flex Architecture

Capabilities of Flex

Efficient Programming Model: ActionScript is the programming language used to develop Flex applications and it is purely based on OOPS concepts. Flex applications can access device capabilities such as the GPS, the accelerometer, the camera, and the local database.

Developer Tools: Flash Builder is the main integrated development environment (IDE) used to build Flex apps. However, Flex apps can also be developed using any standard IDE, for example Eclipse. Flex Builder includes features like code assist, refactoring, on-device debugging, and mobile simulators that allow developers to test their applications on different screen sizes and resolutions. It also allows to package native application files (ipa, apk, bar) for release on the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, and BlackBerry App world.

Mobile: Flex allows you to build high-performance applications that run consistently on iOS, Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook using one tool set, one programming model, and one code base.

Server Integration: Flex tightly integrates with Java, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Ruby, .NET, ColdFusion, and SAP using industry standards such as REST, SOAP, JSON, JMS, and AMF. It also provides publish/subscribe messaging and real-time data push.

Plentiful Components: The Flex SDK (Software Development Kit) contains hundreds of UI components which can be styled and skinned to fit the look and feel needed. There are hundreds of third party open-source and commercial components available for Flex.

Exceptional Performance: As data visualization and UI interactions are carried out on the client side, server response time is greatly reduced. The offloading and client-side state handling increases the back-end efficiency making the software more responsive and easier to use.

How Flex Works

Flex Working

The Flex Advantage

  • Flex allows developers to quickly and easily build RIAs that deploy on all major browsers and operating systems.
  • Applications created using Flex are flexible, user-friendly and efficient, bringing a high degree of stability and functionality to the user.
  • More and better functionality can be developed with less coding, and consequently lesser time is spent in developing applications.
  • Developers can easily use and re-use modules and components.
  • The creation of an engaging and rich visual interface that seamlessly integrates rich graphics, multimedia, animation, video and audio clips, dramatically improves the user experience.
  • The cross-platform compatibility of this framework has made it a favored choice for developers who want to deliver interactive and effective applications across diverse platforms.

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