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Be a Part of Tomorrow - NOW

The web is evolving rapidly and HTML5 seems to hold the future for web apps. Ready your applications to lead the race with the exciting capabilities of HTML5. We help companies stay abreast of technological advances by incorporating latest and innovative techniques in application development.

Being Responsive
  • A Single Codebase
  • Many Platforms
  • The Same User Experience

Satisfy all your different customers - web or mobile - with designs that adapt fluidly. One set of HTML with a play of CSS3 Media Queries can tune your site to any form factor.

Engage with Audio, Video Content

HTML5 removes your dependence on third party multimedia players to a considerable extent. With the new audio, video tags and APIs, your music and videos can be easily made accessible to your audience. And if your customer uses a browser that cannot cope with these native elements, we can implement a fallback strategy using Flash or other media plugins.

Semantic, Cleaner and Simpler

HTML of the past was intended to give structure to a document and the styling was left to cascading style sheets. With the latest version, it takes on a more holistic approach to the rendering of the application. Semantic markup makes it easier for screen readers as well as developers giving the code a much cleaner look. Extensions to CSS3 such as transitions, 3D transforms and Web Fonts can take presentation of your app to the next level.

Richer Gaming Experience

For gaming apps, performance is as important as interactiveness. Our team employs various optimization techniques to maintain performance in complex games. The canvas element together with powerful JavaScript engines hold the potential for modern age 3D games. WebSockets API can be leveraged to resolve latency problems often faced in online multi-player games.

Offline asset storage, WebSockets, 3D CSS transforms, Web Audio API, SVG SMIL animations/image, WebGL, 2D Canvas

We build compelling games that automatically adjust screen resolutions and accommodate mobiles devices and desktops.

Reach Out to Mobile Customers

Want to port your Flash-based application to the iPhone or the Android tablet? With the new HTML5 elements and APIs we can deliver an experience that matches the desktop one. You can now easily reach customers on different mobile platforms without Adobe Flash.

Build RIAs Using

Flash to HTML5

Convert your Flash-based web apps to HTML5