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Websites and Content Management Systems

Web Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to keep your website up to date.

When websites were first developed, they were static sites that required qualified people to make even the smallest change. Maintaining such static sites takes time and incurs high expense, unless you have the technical know-how to do it yourself. Using a CMS allows you to easily manage and update your website without the need of a web developer. Most modern websites now use CMS to create dynamic websites to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation without incurring additional costs.

Website and CMS Banner QBurst’s strong experience in this field has helped clients identify and implement the right CMS to manage their website content. We customize pre-designed templates or alternatively custom design your website pages to match your company’s branding. We also integrate social media tools (a powerful arrow in the web marketing arsenal) into your website to enable users to share their thoughts and ideas, integrate video and audio content material thereby bringing your business to the forefront of the competitive marketplace.

Whether you have an online travel business, educational institute, job consultancy, blog site or any other, our robust systems will help you improve your website quality and attract visitors with regular updated content. You will be able to manage the content yourself (write blogs, publish news, etc.) without going through a developer to make the changes for you. Based on your specific requirements, QBurst can build and implement an open-source content management system like Drupal, Joomla, or Wordpress to meet those needs.

Benefits of Implementing Efficient CMS Solutions

  • Empowers people of all experience levels to easily create and edit content online instantly and with no programming knowledge.
  • Website is fresh with updates in real-time, resulting in a robust website with high rankings and more traffic.
  • Choice of pre-designed templates, in which color and font can be changed easily.
  • No worries about having to choose a pre-designed template; we can custom design a CMS solution that is totally unique to your specific needs.
  • Adding/editing content is easy and you are in control and have complete ownership of all aspects of your website (you can log in to the admin panel to edit the content of your pages).
  • You can manage the structural layout of the site, the navigation provided to the users and the appearance of the published pages.
  • Collaborative features provide multiple authors the ability to create, edit, manage and approve content before publishing.
  • Opens up channels of interaction with users, by way of blogs, forums, articles, etc., that are otherwise hard to establish with traditional websites.
  • Your website grows as your business expands.
  • Access control mechanisms restrict access to your content database, protecting it from common website attacks.

Why QBurst is the Best Choice

  • Competency and expertise in building both static and dynamic web pages.
  • Robust and scalable systems designed to handle sudden influx of web traffic.
  • Safe and secure websites that provide maximum protection to your customer and business data.
  • Skilled developers who can effectively assess your website requirements and identify the most suited content management platform to implement on your site.
  • Proactive security patch management with continuous monitoring and constant updates.
  • Keen and motivated team that actively participates in online CMS communities to gain and share knowledge.
  • Innovative people who keep themselves abreast of the latest web development technologies and explore these to understand individual capabilities.
  • Scalable team of resources backed by years of experience in web development.
  • In-house content writers who can be engaged for ongoing content management on websites, should you require the service.