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Web Content Management System for Enterprises

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Adobe® Communique 5 (CQ5) makes it easy for enterprises with global infrastructures to manage both Internet and Intranet content. CQ5 web content management system (WCMS) empowers business users to easily create, update, and optimize content and campaigns.



CQ5 enables users to easily build large enterprise web applications which allow integration and easy customization to bring value to their business. CQ5 applications are easily scalable to large level of users and content. Companies can manage large amounts of information, variety of media assets, multiple websites, and detailed workflow using Communique 5.

Flexibility of Open Source

CQ5 uses its own implementation of Java Content Repository (JCR) for accessing the data store. The JCR API enables vendor and implementation independent access of content repository. Thus the cost of maintaining and updating the application comes down. Moreover, data can be stored and accessed via a variety of backends ranging from file systems to enterprise database management systems.

Tuned to Business Needs

Communique 5 provides significant control over brand representation. It facilitates reuse of templates and components, providing a distinctive look and feel. The WCMS also fosters quicker website updates to keep up with business strategy. This ease of authoring content is the prime appeal for business users.

Integrating with Enterprise Systems

OSGi framework enables modular application development. CQ5 uses Apache Felix as its OSGi container. Thus it allows for smooth integration with the rest of the enterprise backend systems.

Multi-device and Multi-language Support

Multi-device content distribution is now a norm and CQ5 capabilities makes it easy to deliver content to various devices and via multiple formats. With robust localization and content translation tools, CQ5 equips businesses to seamlessly reach their global audience. Provision to override the automatic conversions using human translators makes the localization offering even more powerful. Content marketing teams can thus ensure their messages are communicated accurately to customers.

Media Management

CQ5 has an integrated facility to store and manage rich media. The platform makes it relatively easy to manage audio and video, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF file formats, watermarking and format transcoding. The image editing features are simply the best available. The content library is equipped with a drag-and-drop functionality which helps to ensure that media assets are uploaded once and referenced from the same location.

Leveraging CQ5

With advanced capabilities, CQ5 offers an exciting platform for creating and managing sophisticated web content. Proper planning and an experienced team of developers are required to build a productive solution that effectively utilizes all of CQ5’s features. When templates are created, components integrated, and workflow defined, domain experts can easily take over.

If you are unable to invest the necessary time and resources towards a CQ5 implementation project, contact QBurst. We can help you draw up the right strategy and build the optimal web content management solution. Our team is also ready to take on continued operational, maintenance, and/or developmental support for your CQ5 implementation, if you choose.