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Enterprise-Grade Solutions for SMBs

  • IoT thumbnail

    Internet of Things

    Internet of Things (IoT) applications powered by our proprietary data processing and analytics platform. Gain real-time insights for smarter decisions.

  • eCommerce


    An end-to-end shopping solution customizable to your budget. Get ready to sell online.

  • gamification


    Business apps incorporate gaming techniques to motivate and engage. Gamify your workflows, employee trainings, marketing campaigns, and much more.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    A complete marketing package for online visibility. From well-designed professional websites to brand promotion via social networks, we have it all covered.

  • eLearning


    Web portals for your teaching and learning needs. Effectively run and manage courses and corporate training using open source platforms.

  • ECMS


    Software systems to organize and manage all creative assests created and used organization-wide.

  • Web&Social Image

    Web and Social Intelligence

    Timely and actionable intelligence on customers and competitors influence business decisions. We help companies tune in to the social web and gather insights to improve service and support.