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SurveyBuz Privacy Policy

SurveyBuz SharePoint Add-in is developed, owned, and distributed by QBurst via Microsoft Office Store.

The privacy policy below helps to describe our commitment to protect your data privacy and applies to all the information we collect while you use the SurveyBuz Add-in.

  • SurveyBuz will never sell or share your data with any advertisement providers or other third parties.
  • All information is stored on behalf of Survey Administrator group members who control your data. Survey administrators have full ownership of the data.
  • The data mainly belongs to the Survey Administrator group and survey participants who have access to the host site.
  • All data is stored in the app website.
  • Survey questions and responses are private to the survey administrators until the survey is started.
  • SurveyBuz does not use cookies to store any information.
  • SurveyBuz accesses only basic user information such as email address to notify users and maintain permissions.

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the add-in, please contact us at

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