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An Integrated Solution for Building Security

Fragmented safety and security systems put people and property at great risk. What buildings need is an integrated solution that ensures end-to-end security.

ExSitu provides a unified framework connecting different security systems, such as fire detectors, CCTVs, building automation systems, and so on to provide site-wide security. Be it a commercial building, an apartment complex or a museum, the solution streamlines building security and safety processes, safeguarding people from incidents such as fire, theft, and assault. With custom alarms and interactive visualization capabilities, ExSitu enables rapid and effective response in the event of any safety and security incident.




Get a bird’s eye view of all the building security systems.




Ensure safety through custom alarms that warn of potential threats.




Manage risks better through faster incident response.

One Platform for End-to-End Security

fire alarmFire Alarm System
  • View alarms
  • View technical alarms
  • View state of system inputs and outputs on operator demand
  • Log events
burglarBurglary and Assault Signaling System
  • View security breach alarms
  • View technical alarms
  • View status of all areas
  • Log events
acessAccess Control System
  • View technical alarms
  • View current status of doors
  • Lock/unlock doors remotely
  • Manage users and allocate access cards
  • Log events
pagingPaging and Intercom System
  • Receive audio or video calls
  • Log events
videoVideo Surveillance
  • View security breach alarms
  • View technical alarms
  • Access video feeds from required camera
  • View automatic video feeds of events
  • Access video feeds of archived events
countingPeople Counting
  • Access people count data through reports
depositorKey Depositor
  • View technical alarms
  • Manage user access
  • Remotely manage key depositor
  • Log events
automationBuilding Automation
  • View technical alarms from building management systems (BMS)
  • View technical alarms from integrated systems mapped to BMS
  • Log events

What ExSitu Does

Receives and stores incidents from different security systems

Sorts and filters incidents based on reporting priority

Maps data from from multiple systems and enables user-defined alarms

Shows alerts and warnings on an interactive map of the building

Manages subordinate systems

Easy Navigation for Quick Response

ExSitu has an intuitive and interactive interface that helps users access critical information easily. Data from security systems located across the building can be accessed quickly through an interactive map making monitoring easy. To enable immediate action, the interface comes with visual indicators for alarms that show information such as date, time, and nature of the incidents on the map.

device image
ExSitu incorporates the latest UI trends to provide a rich user experience, especially in big format touchscreens.

If you are looking for an integrated security solution customized to your needs, get ExSitu.

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