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Build Device Independent Turn Based Games


Galapagos is a server-side framework that can be used to develop multiplayer, Turn Based games for popular mobile platforms. It uses a service based approach offering a list of APIs through which you can directly implement all basic functionalities of a Turn Based game.

Written in Python, Galapagos uses WebOb and Requests libraries to handle HTTP requests and responses. Nginx in the frontend acts as reverse proxy. Galapagos stores game data in our servers using MySQL. Python and MySQL database interact using PyMySQL. Show More

  • Secure
    Games developed using this platform will keep all critical information secure. It uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and authenticates the user in every request made to the server.
  • Extendable
    You have the freedom to implement your own turn logic, game logic and scoring. For this, you can create and add any number of custom APIs to the existing framework.
  • Scalable
    It is easy to add additional components like Redis and Celery. The in-memory nature of Redis and concurrent task execution methodology of Celery will allow games with more players and complex logic to work without compromising performance.
  • Guaranteed Performance
    Galapagos was successfully tested for performance using JMeter. Also you need not worry about delivery methods to communicate with different user devices. The server takes care of that in the abstraction layer where it allows users to connect to the platform using devices that run on Android, iOS or BlackBerry.
  • Efficient
    Servers that forward notifications to end user devices are not foolproof. When multiple messages are to be transferred to a device that is offline, only the last message gets delivered. Our framework is designed to overcome such errors in communication. Here the push notification functions as an alert prompting the SDK to pull the actual message from the server. Games developed using Galapagos reduces drain on batteries as the devices poll the server only when it is required.
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Galapagos can be used to develop games with the following features:

  • Multi Player


    Games with multiplayer feature allow more than one player to play the game. All the players play the same game together.

  • Turn Based

    Turn Based

    Games that use this strategy require the player to wait for his turn while his opponents complete their turn of play. This is one of the many ways mobile games are played and our gaming platform can be used to build games with such a logic.

  • Platform Independent

    Platform Independent

    Most of our APIs are generic and can be used to build games in popular mobile platforms. These include iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. People using different mobile devices can play the same game.