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PiQup, the Pre-ordering and Delivery Scheduling App

Worried about crowding in your stores? Take your store online and regulate customer flow with PiQup*, our free delivery scheduling app.

Prevent congestion on the shop floor and ensure a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Customers can pick up pre-ordered items and check out of your store in five minutes tops. No more painstaking shopping and no more crowding in stores.

How Does PiQup Work?

PiQup connects local stores and supermarkets with customers on an easy-to-use application that can be accessed on any device. Customers select a nearby store and place their orders on the app. The store puts the items together and sends a text message to the customer conveying the pickup (or delivery) time and amount. Customers arrive at the store during the scheduled time slot, pay the retailer, and quickly check out of the store.


Customer confirms location and chooses a store. Arrow Enters the list of items to buy. Arrow Selects self-pickup or home delivery option. Arrow Order is placed.

2.Schedule Delivery

Store picks up the order. Arrow Gathers the items and generates bill. Arrow Allots a time slot for pickup and notifies customer.
Schedule Delivery

3.Pickup / Home Delivery

Customer picks up the order at the allotted time or gets it delivered at home.
Pickup / Home Delivery

PiQup Is Good for Business

Store Online
Get Your Store Online in Minutes

No-fuss registration and direct transactions:

  • 1.Sign up with OTP.
  • 3.Schedule pickup or home delivery.
  • 2.Receive orders.
  • 4.Receive direct payment from customers.
More Business
Pick Up More Business

Tap into the booming market for contactless / minimum-contact shopping and expand your customer base.

Serve More
Serve More at the Same Time

Stores can attend to multiple orders at the same time.

Prevent Crowding
Prevent Crowding in Your Store

PiQup shortens customer visits and helps control store occupancy at all times.

Self-Pickup / Home Delivery
Provide Self-Pickup / Home Delivery Option

Stores with and without home delivery services can equally make use of the app.

Customer Satisfaction
Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers love the convenience of shopping from home. PiQup makes shopping safe as well as convenient.

PiQup Serves Customer Interests

Customer Interests

PiQup offers stress-free shopping in times of social distancing.

Customers can:
  • avoid going into crowded stores.
  • shop from their favorite neighborhood stores.
  • place their orders at any time.
  • pick up items when it is convenient.
  • opt for home delivery (if available).
  • minimize contact during shopping.
  • generate travel pass for verification (a feature used by customers during the lockdown).

Access PiQup from Any Device

PiQup is compatible with all devices. Download PiQup from Google Play Store or App Store. The app can also be accessed from PiQup website.

*PiQup is currently available only in India.

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