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Mobile Booking Engine for the Pet Community


Located in the United States, our client provides a technology platform that caters to the needs of the pet community. By providing advertising strategies to the pet business community, they help convert customer relationships into direct revenue.




The booming pet industry is an $80 billion industry. The pet market, however, offers few affordable marketing solutions for businesses to showcase their offerings. The Pet Community application serves as a marketing platform for pet businesses. The community platform delivers personalized engagement and services for pet lovers while providing pet businesses a platform to engage with pet owners.

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Business Requirement

The client wanted a platform that would connect pet owners with service providers such as veterinarians and pet boutiques.

  • A mobile experience that would allow pet owners to avail pet services
  • A platform where pet businesses could promote their offerings

QBurst Solution

We developed a platform that addresses the needs of pet owners, while providing proactive relationship marketing, community engagement, and eCommerce by connecting the buyers and sellers within the pet community. Pet owners can create accounts for their pets, connect with other pet owners and partners (service providers). Partners can market their products/services through the app by making information available to the community (similar to advertisements on Facebook).

End Result

  • The application has gained a lot of attention and appreciation at various pet events and expos
  • Increased customer satisfaction with pet owners having fingertip access to relevant products and services via the app
  • Improved pet care with the solution making it easier for pet owners to connect their pets to the resources they need

Key Features

  • An iOS app for pet owners
  • A Rails web app for partners
  • A Rails admin portal for administrators
  • A marketing website


iOS App
  • iOS SDK 10, 11
  • Swift 4.1
  • Facebook SDK
  • Cocoa touch framework
  • Google Places API, Mapkit
Rails Application
  • Ruby 2.3.3
  • PostgreSQL 9.5
  • Google APIs
  • Sidekiq
  • Apple Push Notification Service
  • Ruby on Rails 4.2.7
  • ActiveAdmin
  • Memcached
  • Active Model Serializers
Marketing Website
  • WordPress

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