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Virtualization puts your hardware to maximum use without compromising application performance.

Server Virtualization

Save yourself from additional servers and operational costs through server virtualization. Transforming a physical server into several multiple virtual servers enables more efficient server management by optimizing server space usage.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization lets you run or stream applications from a remote server. Virtualized applications are isolated and works irrespective of the underlying operating system of host system, making it compatible and easy to port.

Database Virtualization

Database virtualization helps increase the number of simultaneous users and queries that a database can handle. If you have multiple databases to manage, virtualization can help you optimize storage space, expand connectivity, and improve control over databases.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization focuses on managing data storage by utilizing individual capabilities of various storage devices and eliminating the complexity of individually managing them. It creates an abstraction layer allowing you to easily migrate data among different devices.

Virtualize to...

  • Utilize resources efficiently
  • Reduce IT overhead and management costs
  • Improve performance levels
  • Step up security levels
  • Prevent unnecessary downtime
  • Smoothen disaster recovery

Desktop Virtualization

Deploying desktop computers and updating them regularly can be tedious. With desktop virtualization, we let you concentrate on your core business rather than solving IT issues. You can remotely login and access your desktop through LAN or WAN. Connection is secure as virtualization software establishes encrypted desktop sessions over the Internet.

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