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Leveraging Technology to Enhance Learning

To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need to take monotony out of traditional learning patterns and embrace a digital strategy. QBurst can help you enhance the quality of learning through transformative digital solutions rooted in technology. We work with corporates as well as educational institutions to enhance productivity, retention, and engagement through gamified e-learning and mLearning solutions.

Redefine the Learning Paradigm

Create a virtual learning environment for your student community. With a robust, blended learning management system and assistive apps, educational institutions can take learning beyond classroom boundaries to provide more effective and personalized learning experiences.

Ensure Workforce Quality

Equip employees with the confidence to make great strides. A self-paced, e-learning platform makes onboarding, talent management, employee progress tracking, and cultivating leadership competencies a breeze.

Assess Performance

Single out the best individual traits. We enable educational institutions, recruitment agencies, accreditation firms with summative assessment tools, proctoring platforms, and skill assessment tools to gauge performance and identify areas of improvement for participants.

Digitize Legacy Content

Repurpose your legacy content into digital formats that is accessible anywhere, anytime. We provide customized ECM solutions to improve collaboration, retrieve information faster, and streamline document management.

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“MobiBuZZ is one of its kind app which provides learning at the fingertips of employees. This is what sets BAGIC apart from the rest! Thanks to team who created this app with amazing and seamless UI/UX.”

Adnan A. Bhat
Project Lead - Mobile Marketing & Alliances

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