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Optimizing Web Apps

Your customers are taking the web with them on their smartphones. Why not give them a better browsing experience with a mobile-friendly website?

With the same finesse that we apply in creating native apps, we can optimize your web apps for mobile viewing.  Show More

A dedicated lightweight version of the original desktop website can be built to be accessed via mobile devices. The separate website can be a sub-domain at or a .mobi site. At QBurst, we like to keep it simple with lesser graphics and more whitespace to avoid clutter. The lean mobile version will only show content most relevant to prompt the intended interaction.

Alternatively, the same website can be made responsive to different mobile screen resolutions. The site will serve the same HTML to all devices but use the CSS to change the rendering. With progressive enhancement techniques, CSS3 Media Queries, fluid grids and flexible images, we can craft solutions that gracefully adapt to different screen widths and orientations.

At QBurst, we can help you reach different sets of online customers irrespective of the path you choose. We can give you a separate website to be exclusively used for mobile viewing. Or, we can build a single solution which will work fluidly on a variety of devices.  Show Less

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Responsive Web Design

At QBurst

  • Multi-platform expertise
  • Scalable application architecture
  • Dedicated QA team for mobile testing
  • Extensive system integration testing
  • Expertise in usability and user experience
  • Usable and ergonomically suited app designs
  • Lightweight proof of concepts
  • Reasonable and up-to-date security protocols
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