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Monitor Your Servers Round the Clock

WebWatch24x7 is a powerful web-based tool for monitoring servers round the clock. This solution has been developed to remotely monitor server performance and generate necessary reports.The tool monitors server protocols like SMTP/FTP and web URLs on HTTP/HTTPS.

Remotely monitoring servers helps businesses reduce website or application down-times with minimum cost and effort. QBurst offers this product to address the server monitoring needs of clients. Users can register for the service via the online portal and submit websites to be monitored.



WebWatch supports four different kinds of user accounts. When a user signs up, he will be grouped as a Normal User on WebWatch. Users can also opt to become Subscribed Users and enjoy additional features. Support Engineer and Super Admin accounts are for providing administrative and support facilities to WebWatch users.

Match Management


This is the home screen where a user lands upon logging in to WebWatch. Depending on the type of user account, the features available to the user on the dashboard varies. For a normal user, the dashboard provides an option to create or add a new watch. It also displays the number of URLs being monitored for this user and lists all of the watches previously entered by the user. The dashboard view varies from user to user depending on the kind of account held.



The watch list shows the entire set of watches created by a particular user or assigned to the user by the administrator. Users can view or edit existing watches and even delete watches if required. To add a new website to be monitored, users can create a new watch by clicking the “Add New Watch” button.

User-watch management

User/Watch Management

This is a portal for administrators to manage users and their watches. Administrators perform administrative tasks like changing a user's group, enabling or disabling email alerts, modifying log-in type, etc


Reports and Alerts

WebWatch generates performance reports for all the websites being monitored. For each watch, users can view the report by clicking on the particular item in the watch list. They can also go into more detailed reports as well as filter results by date. Users have the option of exporting a report as PDF or emailing it as an attachment.

The tool also sends out email alerts to users. In addition to watch alerts set by users, alerts are also triggered by activities like user registration, password reset, report generation, change in log-in type, etc.



To configure WebWatch and manage the ticketing system, administrators use the admin panel on the dashboard.

WebWatch24x7 is free and easy to use. Sign up for an online account at

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