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Defend Yourself Against Fraudulent Job Offers

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Beware of fraudsters posing as QBurst human resource personnel.

QBurst is an equal-opportunity employer that follows merit-based hiring practices. We do not request or accept any financial commitment from you during our hiring process. Nor have we authorized any third party to collect money from candidates as a pre-employment requirement.

Please note that our HR team will contact you using the official email ID, which will always end in “”.

How to identify fraudsters?

  • QBurst will never ask for payment in exchange for a job offer or interview.
  • QBurst will never offer monetary compensation for completing any tasks such as liking / subscribing to social media pages or writing reviews.
  • QBurst will never communicate job offers over chat or text.
  • QBurst will never ask for sensitive personal or financial information through unofficial channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, and other similar platforms.

What can you do?

  • Stay alert and recognize scams.
  • Accept job offers only if they are from the official domain “”.
  • Click here and verify if your job offer letter is valid.
  • Ignore offers for jobs that you haven’t applied for.
  • Never respond to requests urging you to act immediately.
  • Never share confidential information over chat or text.
  • Recognize communication from free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, etc. as possible scams.

If you are unsure a message / job offer is from QBurst, please write to with screenshots.

If you believe you have been a victim of recruitment fraud, you are requested to approach law enforcement agencies immediately.

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