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Windows App Development

Windows still rides high over other operating systems in terms of offering mainstream comfort, customizable layouts, interoperability, virtualization solutions, and better security.

The Universal Windows Platform supports write-once and run anywhere apps. So, if you need a Windows application that will work on desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, Xbox, Surface Hub or Hololens, we have the solution in hand.

Do You Need a Universal App?

A single Windows app that works across multiple devices pares down app development cost and time to market. The merged code base helps to manage applications centrally rather than individually for each device.

Interested in Upgrading to UWP?

We can help you port your existing Windows application to Universal Windows Platform and make a smooth transition ingraining a rich, intuitive, and adaptive UI.

Break Loose from Unresponsive Web Designs

Transform your websites into Universal Windows apps. Hosted web apps created thus can help your site hit millions of devices through the Windows Store.

Our Windows App Development Service Includes:

Windows App Development Software architecture implementation optimized for Windows Apps
Windows App Development User interface designing using XAML/HTML
Windows App Development Web service implementation using Azure mobile/app services
Windows App Development Packaging and deployment to Windows Store

Apps of Different Hues in Windows Tone

  • Outreach app to track your loved ones at sea.
  • Educational app for children to learn Math the fun way.
  • Kiosk selfie app to snap the perfect shot and accessorize it.
  • News app to stay current on business news.
  • Discount app to score discounts and fresh deals.
  • Survey app to create surveys on the fly.

Apps for Windows Phone

Want to tailor your UWP apps for Windows Phone?
The unified Windows platform has a core API layer onto which devices add their own unique APIs. These unique APIs could be used in your UWP apps to enhance the experience on targeted device families.


Featured Apps

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