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SEO Testing

SEO testing is conducted to evaluate the performance of websites in search engines. It also helps to validate measures undertaken during website development to improve search engine rankings.

At QBurst, building a search engine optimized website is as important as developing a user-friendly site. Neither is sacrificed for the other. White hat SEO techniques are employed to ensure the websites we develop and deliver are search engine optimized. A well optimized website allows search engine bots to crawl through them and index web page-content. This makes it easy for target audience to quickly find the site through search.

Our Approach

During the testing phase, the team at QBurst analyzes and validates code to find any defect that may hamper the smooth crawling of a website or make it inaccessible to search bots. The testing team performs numerous audits and with the help of our SEO experts suggests solutions for any SEO defect that might surface.

SEO testing is performed for a website as a whole and also specifically for each web page. Some of the areas covered in a general SEO audit are

  • Sitemap
  • Loading time
  • URL structure
  • Directory structure
  • 404 pages
  • Keyword density
  • Flash and dynamic content

In addition to the general website SEO audit, individual pages are also tested. Some of the SEO factors that our team verifies on a web pages are

  • Meta tags
  • Cross links
  • Title tags
  • Heading tags
  • Image titles
  • File names
  • Alt attributes
  • Page titles
  • Internal links
  • Anchor text
  • Outgoing links
  • W3C validation

The testing team reports all identified defects and these are rectified by developers. When the defect management tool is cleared, the website is deemed ready for delivery. For more on SEO testing, contact our independent validation and testing team.

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