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Building Apps for the Web

An application is always built to the functional specifications and features identified for the end product. To work as visualized, the app also needs to satisfy non-functional requirements of availability, scalability, and performance. The choice of technology stack and architectural style are crucial in this context.

While options are many on the server-side, selection is often made weighing the pros and cons of different technologies, cloud platforms, data stores and considering the numerous trade-offs. It takes an experienced team with broad scope of exposure to facilitate appropriate decisions and build the technical solution.


Mission-critical applications need to be highly available with minimal scheduled or unscheduled downtime. In order to create an application that is highly available, redundancies must be built into the system at multiple levels to avoid single points of failure. Techniques like clustering and replication are used to achieve redundancy.


If application response time remains constant despite an increase in the number of concurrent users or growth in volume of data, the application is said to be scalable. This is difficult to attain because of physical limitations of systems and application response degrades with increase in load. However, scalability can be achieved through proper architecting.


Performance is expected of all applications, especially those with a user interface. Performance improvement techniques include the use of caching at various levels---query caching within database, output caching of HTML, application-level caching. Database replication can also improve performance by enabling the slaves to handle read-only queries.

User Experience

A good user experience (UX) is vital for the market success of a web app. This can be achieved with proper information architecture, accurate labeling, responsive interface, and other UX best practices. At QBurst, we strive to create applications that offer satisfying experience to end users.

    We will help you align feature requirements with business goals and choose the best tech stack for your web app.



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