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Custom WordPress Sites

For professional easy-to-use and easy-to-update websites, WordPress is often a good option. QBurst has specialized teams that can implement WordPress solutions customized to business needs. Be it for a network of websites or a standalone blog, we can help you get the best out of WordPress.
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Over the years, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging tool into a full-fledged content management system (CMS). Being an open source software, it provides a great opportunity for small businesses to get online, without having to spend a fortune on building the website from scratch.

Sites using WordPress have a lot of advantages. The user friendliness of this CMS is a factor that weighs strongly in its favor. WordPress offers over a thousand themes that can be customized to captivate visitors. Moreover, our designers can come up with exquisite designs to ensure your site stands out among the rest. We can extend the capabilities of your website with the numerous WordPress plugins and thousands of other plugins that are not in the WordPress database.

WordPress also comes packaged with search engine optimization features and our experienced hands can add the necessary tweaks to provide you with a website that can be easily found through search. QBurst can easily integrate a WordPress blog into a company website, or install the latest WordPress version to convert a static brochure-style site into a dynamic content managed one.

The immense popularity of this CMS platform has also led to an increased vulnerability to security attacks. Third party themes and plugins of varying quality can add to the potential risks of a WordPress installation. At QBurst, we make it a point to secure Wordpress installations to the best possible extent with regular backups, plugins from trusted sources, and constant updates. WordPress hardening is offered as a service in itself where our team checks for security loopholes and performs systematic version upgrades to reduce the possibility of security breaches.
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We can build you a brand new site with WordPress or convert your existing website to this content management system. Having done numerous installations including multisite networks where situation demands, our team exudes confidence to take on new challenges.


Upgrade your WordPress site to the latest version with the help of our experts. We can save you the trouble and ensure a hassle free upgrade. You will have all the new WordPress features as well as a site that cannot be easily compromised.


You can trust us with the hardening of your WordPress website. Working with file permissions, security plugins, modifications to .htaccess file, and systematic upgrades, we tighten the security of WordPress sites making them even more difficult to hack.


At QBurst, we do not differentiate between sites we built and those developed elsewhere. If you want your website up-to-date with periodic scans, data backup and regular maintenance, look no further. We can do all of these and more to keep your WordPress site running smooth.

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A corporate website in line with the client's brand. The WordPress portal was built as a combination of three sites - a main website with two subsites serving different audiences.

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