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Native Mobile Apps Using React Native

React Native is an open-source framework to build cross-platform apps that are as feature-rich as any iOS or Android app. Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, React Native does not create hybrid apps bound by the limitations of WebView. It creates native app experiences with JavaScript and code components that render with native APIs.

Applications Using React Native


Highlights of React Native


Reusable Components

The building blocks of React Native are native-like components. You can use these components to add functions to multiple platforms at once, building apps with the speed, look, and functionality of native mobile apps.

React Native also affords the flexibility to write native code when required. React Native components can easily be combined with app code components created in Objective C or Swift for iOS or in Java for Android. Thus, you can add platform-specific components to React Native apps when you need higher performance.

You can also incorporate React Native components into an existing app code and thus augment it without an entire application rewrite.

Make Use of React Native for

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Simplified user interfaces
  • Cross-platform apps with truly native feel

Responsive User Interface

Asynchronous JavaScript interactions with native environment make the React Native UI highly responsive. Consequently, such apps will load faster than a typical hybrid app and feel a lot smoother.

Third Party

Third-Party Plugin Compatibility

With zero dependence on WebView, React Native makes it easy to integrate third-party plugins and link them with native modules.


Efficient Native App Development

React Native brings the speed and agility of web development to mobile apps with ReactJS’s superior performance, DOM abstraction, and simpler programming methods.

Make Use of React Native for

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Simplified user interfaces
  • Cross-platform apps with truly native feel

Top Benefit of Choosing React Native for Them

Walmart Small Improved performance
Airbnb Small Code reusability
Insta Small Faster development

React Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps


Cross-Browser Compatibility

React Native renders without using WebViews, eliminating browser compatibility issues.



Of React lineage, React Native enjoys ongoing support from Facebook and also the open-source community. You can build your app with a reliable tool.



When you want to get to market faster and not waste time rebuilding the same app for each platform, React Native is your answer. Hybrid apps are an alternative to native development but are also known to create performance issues, especially on low-end phones. React Native affords cost-effective multi-platform development sans the sluggishness and poor user experience of hybrid applications. Apps developed with React Native are in fact fast and highly responsive.

Featured Apps

Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage in clothing store allows shoppers to quickly check product details, availability, user reviews, and related merchandise. The app relies on React Native library to dynamically respond to user queries and deliver a responsive shopping experience.

Picture Book App

A picture book mobile application for interactive and engaging reading experience in smartphones and tablets. Users can purchase various books available, read books aloud to children, or let them view and listen to books.

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