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Building Feature-Rich Web Applications

Web development involves building robust applications that exchange and process information over the Internet. Be it static website, collaborative content management system, or enterprise e-commerce platform, we know what makes each tick. Utilizing rapid application development frameworks and agile methodologies, we develop high-performance websites and applications that are aligned to strategic business objectives. Our web development offerings include:

  • Custom Web Apps
  • Websites and Portals
  • App Backends
  • ERP Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • IoT Integrations
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Collaboration Platforms
  • Business Intelligence Apps

The client-side or user interface of a web application is developed using browser-supported languages such as JavaScript and HTML. The backend server technology can vary from ASP.NET and Java to newer entrants such as Golang.

QBurst has deep technical expertise in popular technology stacks and the frameworks that run on these stacks. The choice of technology stack, however, depends on a host of factors including technologies already in use at client site and the type of app being developed.

The team at QBurst will work with you to identify and define requirements, create a technology strategy, and chart out a project schedule.

Custom Web Applications

Be it powerful mobile app backends, data analytics application with intuitive web dashboards, or complex ERP implementation, we have teams equipped to handle each. Once you entrust us with the job, we take on everything from choosing the technology stack, designing the architecture, and developing the screens to building the features and deploying a robust solution, keeping you in the loop always.

Web App Development
web app
collaboration using SharePoint

Collaboration Using SharePoint

SharePoint can be used to automate business processes and simplify information management. A certified Microsoft partner, our implementation team will work with you to understand requirements and deliver solutions customized to your organization’s need. We also provide training to users to enable them to extract maximum value out of the platform.

SharePoint Customization

Enterprise E-Commerce Solution

A flexible commerce system that scales up and down gracefully, offers personalized recommendations, and integrates advanced analytics can be a defining asset. To enjoy such a powerful system that meets all your specific needs, you may need to custom-build it. We enable retailers to leverage cloud, artificial intelligence, social media, and other emerging digital technologies and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to their customers using our custom solutions.

Custom E-commerce Development
custom ecommerce

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS offers an easy way to manage and update your application without going through a developer each time. We help set up websites, blogs, online shops, business portals, and more using robust CMS platforms. From custom Drupal implementation or multi-site WordPress installation to enterprise-scale setup with Adobe Experience Manager, our CMS experience covers a wide range of platforms and use cases.

CMS Implementation


We have worked with QBurst since we first launched PrivateFly, and they feel very much part of our team. They are a trusted and loyal partner, helping us in both our day-to-day development and in the launch of new products - such as our mobile apps and most recently, our relaunched website.
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Adam Twidell

CEO and Founder


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