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Private Cloud

Are privacy and security concerns holding you back from moving to the cloud?

Try the private cloud. We can build and deploy your applications on a dedicated cloud behind the corporate firewall giving you greater control over the data center. Depending on your organizational needs, choose to keep an in-house data center or a vendor-hosted private cloud.

In-House Cloud


Customize a dedicated cloud with hardware on premise to gain complete control over your data and equipment.


When the data center is physically connected to your intranet, it reduces network issues and eases file transfer.


You can be sure your information is safe and secure with data access restricted to limited users.

Hosted Private Cloud


A cost-effective model for small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid huge capital investment.


With vendor’s on-demand resources, it becomes easy to scale infrastructure to meet your growing computing and storage needs.

Availability and Disaster Recovery

Solutions are designed to ensure systems are always available and regularly backed up.

Ready-Made Private Platform

Choose your cloud platform and leave the rest to us.

  • Amazon VPC
  • Microsoft Private Cloud
  • Rackspace Private Cloud
  • OpenShift Enterprise
  • VMware

With experience in various platforms, we assist you in choosing, building, and managing cloud solutions to host and scale your applications efficiently.

Using the Cloud Toolkit

With OpenStack cloud operating system, we manage your datacentre and control pools of data, storage, and networking resources. Our consultants and system integrators will guide you in making informed choices and build you the most appropriate cloud solution.

Go Hybrid

Transition from private to public cloud when demand for computing capacity increases, with cloud bursting. Talk to our experts to weigh your advantages against the risks before you take the leap.

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