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Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data analytics, process automation—a confluence of technologies is turning traditional manufacturing plants into intelligent production units. At QBurst, we help you leverage digital technologies and overcome data silos in the supply chain (upstream and downstream) by building connected systems that function as part of a bigger, more agile infrastructure.

Benefits of a Smart Factory

The technological evolution of manufacturing to Industrie 4.0, which involves cyber-physical systems operating with artificial intelligence, engenders radical changes. With machines connected to a central cloud system capable of advanced analytics, you can have all the information available when and where it is needed, making the manufacturing process intelligent and dynamic.

Streamlined Asset Management

Condition Monitoring

Connect factory equipment and allow data to flow and update in real time. Study machine condition and schedule service to ensure optimum operational efficiency.

Industrial IoT implementation allows manufacturers to monitor machine parameters, alerting them of any threshold breaches. Trend monitoring helps arrest mechanical deterioration, increasing the reliability and availability of factory equipment.

Ensure machines operate efficiently and last longer.

Remote Asset Management

Keep track of all your machines on one dashboard. Monitor assets at single or multiple locations 24/7.

With a complementary mobile app, QBurst’s IoT platform, SeeMyMachines, lets you track machines from wherever you are. The system can be configured as a real-time location system to accurately locate personnel / machinery on the factory floor.

Monitor and manage distributed assets in real time.


Efficient Machine Maintenance

Maintenance Tracking

Replace your machine maintenance system with cloud-based IoT solution. Store and retrieve asset documents anytime, anywhere.

A cloud-based IoT platform offers an easily accessible repository for machine-related documents and service records. Besides, SeeMyMachines has an integrated inspection tool, which simplifies assigning and tracking of maintenance tasks.

Consolidate activities such as inspections, maintenance, and compliance monitoring.

Predictive Maintenance

Move away from reactive measures and reduce money-draining planned maintenance. Perform repairs based on the actual condition of your machines or parts.

Deep learning neural networks can be used to analyze huge streams of machine data and derive insight into machine health. Such systems can spot anomalies and predict failures, thereby enabling repairs before the breakdown.

Avoid unwarranted time-based maintenance and inadvertent disruptions.


Operational Efficiency

Productivity Monitoring

Track machine utilization, energy consumption, shift schedules, maintenance jobs, and more. Get a unified view of operations to arrive at critical decisions quickly.

An integrated platform to capture and analyze KPIs from various manufacturing facilities simplifies productivity monitoring. SeeMyMachines connects multiple shop floors to a single platform creating a production environment that can be dynamically tuned to perform at peak efficiency.

Enhance productivity and overall equipment effectiveness with a bird’s-eye view of operations.

Connected Manufacturing

Build a data ecosystem linking the entire supply chain (suppliers through users). Continuously analyze sensor data to dynamically align production with market demand and customer expectation.

With the interoperability and adaptability of the platform, SeeMyMachines is able to connect plants, processes, suppliers, and customers. The visibility provided by this IoT-enabled platform will help streamline inventory management, enabling you to meet demand with minimal wastage.

Improve planning accuracy, reduce production outages, build products aligned to customer needs.



Excellent partner, great value, great product expertise. QBurst truly stands out from the competition. Everyone on our project team was highly motivated and developed a genuine interest in the project and its success, which lead to the team delivering results above and beyond the call of duty.
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