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Our Approach

  • End-to-End Solution Development
  • End-to-End Solution Development
  • Rooted in Agile Principles
  • Software Performance and Quality
  • Collaborative and Transparent

Our Approach

End-to-End Solution Development Rooted in Agile Principles Software Performance and Quality Collaborative and Transparent

End-to-End Solution Development

With specialized teams for each stage of the software application lifecycle, we are able to offer end-to-end support or a la carte services according to the client’s inclination and budget.

Each service team comprises skilled professionals with extensive experience as well as industry certifications. They work closely with clients to strategize, build, and deliver apps and features in rapid development cycles.

In our role as consultants, we focus on empowering businesses with quality solutions designed for successful user acceptance. Whether you need to improve process efficiency or increase business ROI, our goal is to enable you to adopt technology with confidence.

Rooted in Agile Principles

Rooted in Agile Principles

Even before agile became a trend, QBurst was committed to developing customer-focused solutions in an iterative manner.

Adopting lean and agile techniques, we roll out functionalities and incorporate feedback into the build, incrementally refining it into feature-rich products. Our approach often blends Scrum, SAFe, and Kanban techniques to deliver on time and within budget.

The iterative development process with build, test, and deployment automation enables frequent deliveries at reduced risk levels.

Software Performance and Quality

Software Performance and Quality

When software architects lay the foundation for an application, they plan for a system that will survive requirement changes and future extensions. By designing for easy maintenance and manageability, we minimize risks for clients.

In addition to the functional requirements, applications are designed to meet performance, scalability, and availability needs. Scalability and reliability assessments with analysis-based optimization at each step of the iterative development allows us to fine-tune the software. Once deployed to a production environment, continuous monitoring using tools helps to avoid downtime and maintain the application at peak performance

Collaborative and Transparent

Collaborative and Transparent

We believe in keeping clients updated with an honest and open communication model. From daily standups to weekly or monthly updates, you can set the pace for regular project communication.

Communication within teams is handled efficiently with cloud-based tools. We use both open-source and proprietary platforms for project coordination and management.

Collaboration is so deeply entrenched in our practices that our transition to the pandemic-induced new normal was frictionless. With tools and SasS platforms already in place, our project teams could continue to work unaffected by the global lockdown.

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