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Enabling Engineering and
Construction Companies

In a knowledge-intensive industry, time and skilled resources play decisive roles. Partnering with QBurst enables engineering companies to supplement in-house expertise and free up their workforce for higher-value functions.

Through software-enabled improvements to design analysis, product engineering, and knowledge management, we help augment the productivity of engineering and construction companies.

Custom API Programming

Tailor-made applications and productivity enhancements can make engineering tasks smoother and faster for your workforce. We build custom applications and tools that can be plugged into your system or used independently based on your company’s specific needs.

Software Integration

To efficiently manage operations, we help companies integrate engineering design systems with other enterprise-level software such as configurators or ERP systems. The capability to generate 3D models, drawings, and flat patterns seamlessly can eliminate multiple prototyping tests and lower costs.

AutoCAD Customization / Migration

We take the hassle out of customizing AutoCAD settings and files, transferring settings between online/offline computers, and migrating from a previous release. Your engineers can focus on creating product designs without being burdened by repetitive tasks.

Knowledge Management

With baby boomers reaching retirement age, the engineering industry will soon face a mass exodus of skilled workforce. A robust ECM (enterprise content management) system customized to capture, store, and share information with junior employees can help you tackle this challenge.

Associated Services / Solutions

Featured Story


Leading oil and gas production and processing firm.


Most of the engineering product design activities were carried out manually using in-house or commercial third-party CAD / CAE / PLM systems. These routine activities resulted in significant loss of time and effort. Engineers and subject matter experts did not have the time to develop new products even though they had the experience.


QBurst developed software applications to automate repetitive engineering design tasks. In the process, we enabled the client to achieve over 12% operational efficiency through various activities including value engineering.

Partnership Outcomes for Engineering Businesses

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved product design quality
  • Automated repetitive engineering tasks
  • Efficient management of design knowledge
  • Reduced time-to-market and costs

Success Stories

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