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Patient Transporter Management

Simplify intra-hospital patient transport and improve patient care with SeeMyMachines Patient Transporter.

Benefits of SeeMyMachines Patient Transporter

Patient Experience
  • Reduction in wait time to a few minutes
  • Increased personalized care
  • Optimized and faster care delivery
Staff Satisfaction
  • Evenly distributed workload
  • More time for patient care
  • Fewer disruptions in service delivery
  • Adequate break in between assignments
Hospital Efficiency
  • No more time-consuming and error-prone manual processes
  • Well-regulated patient traffic flow
  • Real-time visibility into the asset and transporter availability and utilization
Benefits of SeeMyMachines Patient Transporter

Patient Transporter Management: How it Works

Expediting patient movement to operation theaters and labs is a mark of quality healthcare delivery. With SeeMyMachines patient transporter, you can do just that.

SeeMyMachines patient transporter is a real-time location-aware system that connects patient transporters, nursing stations, and hospital equipment on a single, easy-to-use platform. Your nursing staff can quickly book patient transporters, track the transport status, and ensure the timely movement of in-patients to deliver top-notch healthcare services.


The nursing staff can key in the patient pickup location and destination into the app. The app locates the nearest transportation staff and directs them to the asset and patient. The automated real-time location system streamlines the entire workflow, eliminating delays and inefficiencies.

Once the transport is complete, the transporting staff can update their status to the nursing station using the mobile app. The application presents a transparent view into hospital operations, enabling the nursing staff to assign, direct, and manage patient transportation with minimal downtime.

Why Implement Hospital RTLS

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Why Implement Hospital RTLS

Often, the movement staff is delayed by communication gaps or by operational inefficiencies in place. It increases the patient wait time impacting the care delivery and the in-patient experience.

The application brings down the patient wait time considerably. It allows for balanced workload distribution, ensuring faster care delivery for patients while providing adequate breaks between assignments for the caregivers.

In addition to complementing your healthcare services, the application can also ease your hospital operational load. The app allows you to track patient movement and asset utilization, enabling you to optimize patient traffic between departments.

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide real-time intelligence for indoor positioning, movement monitoring, and navigation. By blending healthcare with real-time data, our application can help you transform your healthcare delivery services.

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