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Get 2% of invoices for life*.

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QBurst Business Referral Program

Our business referral program offers revenue sharing for client referrals throughout the project’s lifetime for all projects with the client. You can recommend QBurst services and products and we will reward you for each qualified lead. Once the lead gets converted and starts paying, you will receive a percentage of the invoice amount until the end of our liaison with the client.

Enroll 1 Enroll

Sign up to generate your referral links with a unique ID.

Refer 2 Refer

Share the links on websites, blogs, social media, or emails.

Earn 3 Earn

Get $20 for every qualified lead you send our way.

Keep Earning 4 Keep Earning

Also, earn 2% of invoices for life* on all leads that convert.

*Revenue share on invoice is paid for the duration of client liaison.


Ways to Share Your
Referral Links

Ways to Share Your Referral Links
Websites & Blogs Websites & Blogs

Hyperlink from an article or banner ad.

Directories Directories

Place the referral links in your business directory.

Q&A Forums Q&A Forums

Post in discussion groups such as Quora.

Emails Emails

Send the referral link in an email to interested business contacts.

Ads Ads

Publish search engine or social media ads* with referral links.

Agency Websites Agency Websites

Share with your clients who are looking for complementary services.


*Ads need to follow QBurst branding guidelines.


RevShare and Other Incentives
for QBurst Affiliates

Agency Websites
2% of invoices for life*

Receive two percent of invoice amount for the entire duration of client liaison.

Agency Websites
$20 per qualified lead

For every genuine lead that you bring in, collect $20 even when it doesn’t convert.


Marketing Tools for QBurst Affiliates


Personalized interface providing a consolidated view of all your affiliate activities.


Intuitive reporting to track and review your referral performance and earnings.


Find Your Earning Potential

You Earn:



On invoice amount of

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join the QBurst referral program?

Webmasters, directory owners, bloggers, product/service reviewers, niche service providers and agencies offering services complementary to the QBurst portfolio, social media marketers, and anyone who can refer QBurst to potential clients through the digital medium can join our business referral program.

2. Who is an affiliate?

When you enroll in the QBurst referral program, you become a QBurst affiliate.

3. What is a qualified lead?

A lead is a visitor who lands on the QBurst website through your referral link and submits a project inquiry. Qualified leads are legitimate project inquiries from businesses genuinely interested in partnering with us. Marketers and spammers will be ignored. Inquiries that do not respond to our business development team will be considered spam.

4. How does QBurst identify my referrals?

When you sign up to become an affiliate, you will receive a unique code or referral ID. All the referral links that you generate to promote QBurst will have this ID. When a visitor lands on QBurst website by clicking through your referral link and submits an inquiry, our affiliate system will capture your unique ID from the referral link and mark the inquiry against your account.

5. How long is a referral valid?

For 28 days. If a website visitor comes through your referral link and submits an inquiry within 28 days, the system will mark it as your referral.

6. How long does it take for an inquiry to convert to a client?

When a visitor submits a project inquiry, they become a lead. For the lead to become a client, it can take anywhere between a month to one year in the case of enterprise-scale projects.

7. How do I get paid?

We offer bank transfer and wire transfer options. The payment mode available to you depends on where you are located. When you sign up and create a profile, you can select the payment mode from the available options.

8. Why is the data not updated on my dashboard?

The affiliate dashboard gets updated daily at midnight. So you wil not see changes in data in real time.

9. After clicking the referral link, if the visitor navigates to another webpage and submits an inquiry my referral ID no longer appears in the URL. Will the inquiry still be tracked as my referral?

Though the referral ID disappears from URL, an inquiry submitted from any page by that visitor for the next 28 days gets credited to the same referral ID.

10. Where can I find more information?

You can write to us at if you have a specific question.


Terms and Conditions

  •   All referral ads created should follow QBurst branding guidelines.
  •   Employees of clients are not eligible for referral incentives.
  •   QBurst reserves the right to amend or withdraw the terms and conditions of this referral program at any time.
Additional Terms and Conditions
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