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Let’s Focus on Your App

...and leave the rest to Google.

Engage our App Engine developers to build truly scalable applications hosted on the Google cloud. Built on the same infrastructure that powers Google’s applications, your apps will be far more easier to manage and scale. Google App Engine (GAE) gives you the freedom to build web apps without worrying about scalability.

Over the years, we have built several scalable solutions for our clients. Developing and hosting applications using Google’s infrastructure ensures elasticity and automatic scaling while reducing expenses dramatically.

Back in 2008 when Google first launched its platform as a service, QBurst was one of the first companies to adopt it. Along with App Engine, our team of GAE developers matured through the years. Having tested waters successfully, we now have the experience and expertise to give you the success you seek on App Engine. Show More

Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions like GAE enable businesses to develop, deploy, host, test and maintain applications at considerably reduced costs. This means you can maintain a much smaller IT department and yet rest assured about performance and security.

Leveraging cutting edge services such as Channel, Prospective Search, Users, XMPP and more, we can build feature rich web apps on GAE. The applications can be developed in any one of the three runtime environments: Python, Java or Go. Integrating with other Google apps is also easy and we can work together to get your app listed at the Apps Marketplace.

App Engine comes bundled with support for BigTable which is Google's non-relational database. If your use case needs a relational database solution, App Engine also supports Google's Cloud SQL. At QBurst, we have a team of experts who can deliver the solution best suited for your business requirement.  Show Less


We can build next generation applications for GAE platform leveraging App Engine's various services such as Datastore, Task Queues, OAuth, Memcache, Blobstore, and so on.

Single Sign-On Implementation

Apps on GAE can authenticate users using a Google account or an account on the Google apps domain. We can implement the single sign-on authentication in your app using the Users API which also supports OpenID federated login.


If you have an application deployed on App Engine's now deprecated Master/Slave datastore, we can help migrate it to the new more stable High Replication (HR) datastore. While migrating apps, we first review your deployed application to identify code snippets that are not HR safe. Then the application is rewritten to make it HR compatible. We start migrating the data only once this is up and running. We also provide and maintain backups during these steps to ensure data is never lost.

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