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Tailor the Experience for Each of Your Customers

Online consumers prefer recommendations that are relevant to their needs or interest. You can now give them an enhanced experience with behavior profiling and contextual targeting. Use our recommendation engine to offer a more focused personalization.




Keep your visitors hooked with personalized content. Greater the time a user spends on a site, higher the chances of a conversion.

Product Discovery

Improve Product

Help shoppers find stuff buried deep within your e-commerce store. Increase sales through timely and intelligent product recommendations.

Make It Worthwhile

Make It

Showcase products or content that interest the user. Only relevant suggestions capture user attention and lead to fruitful interactions.

How ContextIQ Personalizes Content

ContextIQ is an easy-to-deploy personalization solution that uses collaborative filtering algorithms to produce recommendations. It is capable of suggesting content to users through behavioral targeting. The recommendation engine, which runs on a Hadoop cluster, records user behavior on the site and comes back with a set of recommendations for each user. Show More

Recommendations can be based on

  • User’s previous behavior
  • User’s behavior on similar items
  • Previous behaviors of similar users
  • Random predictions on user preferences
  • Latest items available on the site
  • Items similar to what a user searched for
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Full control over your data

Unlike other recommendation software, our solution can be deployed within your own infrastructure. You don’t have to share your customer or business information with anyone.


Personalization for mobile

Reach users anywhere, on any platform with our mobile SDKs.


Easily scalable

The content classification and prediction system relies on distributed processing to digest large volume of data and is easily scalable.


Custom predictions

Build custom targeting solutions specific to your business.

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