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IoT-EnabledAsset Management


Deploy this industrial IoT platform at your shop floor, hospital, or any similar setting. Stay on top of asset tracking and maintenance management.

  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Improve resource allocation
  • Prevent accidents, failures, and loss
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Support compliance
  • Streamline operations
  • Enhance decision making

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Adopting SeeMyMachines


Prevent unplanned disruptions in production with machine condition monitoring. Compare real-time and historical data to assess wear and tear and proactively address maintenance issues.


Locate medical equipment; track movement of staff and patients. As a real-time location system, SeeMyMachines helps track movable resources improving operational efficiency in large hospitals.

Wind/Solar Farms

Remotely monitor turbines and solar panels across multiple energy farms. Paperless inspections and remote asset monitoring can help optimize maintenance and increase power plant efficiency.


Locate anything, anyone in busy airports with a connected network of equipment, tools, and staff. Track assets, monitor temperature, locate staff, and more on a single platform.

Logistics Firms

Connect your fleet to the SeeMyMachines platform for safer and cost-effective operations. Vehicle tracking, route optimization, preventive maintenance—features are many.

Printing Houses

Get accurate insight into overall equipment effectiveness, track and manage operator shifts, or integrate with your ERP system to fetch and assign printing jobs.

High-Security Areas

Use the IoT platform to restrict access to certain zones for specific personnel, track visitor movement, prevent unauthorized entry, or monitor employee activity.

Equipment Distributors

Store and retrieve product documents, service history, and maintenance contracts on our cloud platform. Manage work orders and update inspection records on the go.

QBurst proved to be able to satisfy some of the things we couldn’t do with our initial vendor. We spun up an 18-person dedicated team from QBurst and have since backed down to seven full-time resources. They were able to handle the bandwidth we needed.

Co-Founder U.S.-Based Fleet & Logistics Management Solutions Provider

Why SeeMyMachines

  • Secure and scalable cloud solution
  • Customizable and easy to integrate
  • Historical and real-time data analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards for data visualization
  • Built and maintained by QBurst’s big data team

Top Modules

  • Asset/personnel location tracking
  • Attendance and access control
  • Work order management
  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Service history tracking
  • Inspections and compliance
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