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Software Architecture

Software architecture defines the framework for an IT solution to achieve its long-term goals. While application architecture focuses on the technological components of an application, enterprise architecture involves understanding and coordinating the architectural decisions for software systems across the entire enterprise.

Architecture and Consultancy

Consulting: Choosing the
Right Architecture

Companies are working with complex distributed systems in the context of cloud computing, data analytics, mobility, social media, process automation, IoT, cybersecurity, etc. Today's IT systems need the agility to keep up with rapid technological advancements in addition to fast-changing business requirements.

Our software architects focus on exploiting available technologies with a clear strategy to meet the functional requirements of the product as well as the long-term requirements of the software system. Parameters such as reliability, scalability, and extensibility are factored into software architectural design decisions while considering organizational specifics such as technology preference, budget, and business focus.

QBurst offers consulting in areas including optimization and support, ensuring full-scale solutions aligned to business goals.

Our architects act as business consultants as well as technology consultants, enabling solutions that are built for sustained success in a radically changing digital era. They identify complex business requirements and break them down into simple, cohesive components that can be seamlessly built and integrated by the development team. After defining a detailed road map for the entire development life cycle, our architects take over technological ownership of the delivery, ensuring risk mitigation and flawless execution.

Our experience covers:

  • Digital Enablement Strategy
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Cloud Migration Advisory
  • Core Modernization Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Performance Analysis and Enhancement
  • Tooling, Processes, and Best Practices
Microservices Architecture

The demand for constant innovation and agility has led organizations to shift from the traditional monolithic approach to developing and deploying units independent of one another. However, transitioning to a microservices architecture can be tricky and is best done incrementally.

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Cloud Migration Advisory

A shift to cloud platforms and services is integral to enterprise modernization and digital transformation. An architectural assessment to evaluate cloud maturity will help formulate your transition road map.

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Serverless Application Model

Moving to a FaaS model has its advantages—and not just in terms of economics. Sometimes, a serverless code architecture might be the way toward automatic load balancing. An experienced team can guide your decisions and architecture implementation.

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Success Stories

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