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Transform Your HR into a Strategic Function

Streamline workforce management and gain agility with Oracle HCM Cloud—a world-class enterprise-grade human capital management solution. With its comprehensive modules, social and mobile functionalities, and embedded analytics, Oracle HCM Cloud helps you keep pace with the demands of managing a global, multi-generational workforce. Feature-rich and intuitive, Oracle HCM Cloud gives your HR a strategic role in business operations while automating their everyday administrative functions.

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consulting.png' %}Consulting

Identify business requirements and gaps, develop an implementation roadmap, optimize existing solution to maximize value and accelerate business results.




Define organizational structure and business processes, configure HCM solution, migrate data from other applications onto Oracle HCM platform, handhold clients through different project stages.




Address post-implementation operations and changes in system configuration or security policy according to new business needs, create/customize BI reports, extend/upgrade solution.

Oracle HCM: Best of HCM on Proven Technology

Comprehensive and Integrated Solution: Oracle HCM Cloud combines all essential modules spanning the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to retirement. A single, accurate, and on-demand view of your human asset helps you with critical decision-making concerning workforce deployment and optimization.

Modular Architecture: Oracle HCM Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose the modules you want to address specific business pain points. The modules can be easily integrated with other applications, new or existing, without expensive rearchitecting or time delays.


Flexible Deployment: Oracle supports hybrid deployment that lets you use a combination of products in different deployments. Oracle HCM Cloud can be deployed on private, public, or hybrid cloud as your business requirement changes.

Social and Mobile-Enabled: Leverage mobile and social functionalities of Oracle HCM Cloud to connect and engage with your geographically dispersed workforce anywhere, anytime. Social media features enable faster collaboration, driving innovation and productivity in your enterprise.

Security: The Oracle Fusion technology stack—extending from the application to the backend database—is guarded against breach of any kind. User permissions are defined strictly and to the minute detail so that only those authorized can access data or approve transactions.

DoQ: The QBurst Product for Painless Uploads

DoQ eases the burden of HR by automating bulk-loading of employee documents in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud. The task is reduced to the simple step of creating a source folder and an Excel sheet with the relevant information. DoQ takes over the rest of the job. It generates the DAT files, validates them, and bulk-loads them in the Cloud. All at a single click.

QBurst Oracle HCM Practice

An Oracle Gold Partner with expertise in Oracle Cloud services, QBurst offers end-to-end Oracle HCM Cloud service from ideation and implementation to production support. Our Oracle HCM practice is grounded in the Oracle Unified Method (OUM) to which we bring more than a decade of industry experience in SaaS and HCM domain. Our expert consultants in Oracle ERP and Oracle HCM Cloud not only guide you in addressing current requirements but also insure you from future needs.

Oracle Gold Partner
  • Senior resources with more than 15 years of experience.
  • Rapid implementation to help realize business value quickly.
  • Efficient practices and automation that reduce costs.
  • A blend of services tailored to your needs, from planning to operational support.
  • Rich experience in configuration management, upgrades and migrations, and Oracle Fusion BI tools.
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