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Text-to-Speech Software

With conversational AI becoming mainstream, digital consumers expect the convenience of services like Siri and Alexa in all of their digital interactions. Sites and services that integrate text-to-speech (TTS) applications enable diverse categories of people to access their content, including people on the go, those with disabilities, multitaskers, and foreign language users.

Primarily, the technology that converts text to audio format is an accessibility enhancer. Visually impaired readers, auditory learners, dyslexics, low-literacy readers, and people with speech impairment benefit immensely from it. Moreover, intelligent TTS service offering human-like voice interactions can be a differentiator for businesses in consumer-facing industries such as healthcare and retail.

Benefits of TTS Integration

  • Improved accessibility
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Consistent emotional branding
  • Greater reach among non-native and older users

Some Applications of TTS

  • Audio publishing
  • Automated customer service
  • E-learning and training
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Interactive toys and games

With major cloud platforms offering speech synthesizers as SaaS offering, businesses can implement TTS systems with significantly less development and maintenance effort. The cloud-based technology also ensures near real-time playback at a considerably lower cost. We can integrate any of the TTS services such as Google Cloud Text-to-Speech, Amazon Polly, Acapela Box, Azure TTS, or an open-source solution to build natural-sounding speech-enabled applications.

Speech quality, languages supported, and voices offered along with pricing are deciding factors when choosing a TTS service. We have a high-level comparison of the top four TTS software to help guide your choice. You can also try the demo below.

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Integrating Text-to-Speech

TTS services use natural language processing and deep learning techniques to convert text into speech that sounds like a human voice. Most providers offer natural voices in a variety of languages. Services such as MS Azure TTS also offer voice customization features that allow businesses to adopt a unique and consistent brand voice across all touchpoints.

Cutting-edge research in speech synthesis along with sophisticated machine learning capabilities contribute to the accuracy of automated text-to-speech conversions. A sentence can be interpreted or read in many ways and it changes with the person and emotion being conveyed. Speech synthesizers make use of complex algorithms and neural networks to convert text into phonemes, which are then converted into sounds. Converting text into phonemes involves normalization of words to understand the context and solve any ambiguity. Once the phonemes are available, sounds are generated either through voice recordings or via generation of sound frequencies. Identifying the ideal pitch and speed, the speech synthesizer can be tailored to suit your business need.

All major TTS service providers have multiple options for developers to integrate TTS into solutions with many offering platform-specific SDKs. We can make use of their APIs to integrate them into web pages, applications, tablets, cars, TVs, speakers, etc.

At QBurst, we build cognitive speech solutions integrating text-to-speech APIs from popular cloud providers. Our consultants work with clients, helping them choose the most suited TTS synthesizer and integrating that service into the application to deliver the desired solution.

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