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Server Orchestration

Server orchestration is crucial in converged infrastructure to manoeuvre automated tasks and processes through reusable workflows in order to attain application stability. Show More

When you deploy applications these factors are as crucial as operational speed and cost savings. With distributed applications increasing in scale, it requires complex provisioning, and that means triggering automated parallel actions in various servers to run a single application. A well-planned orchestration helps you optimize processes through a flexible workflow. Defining an efficient workflow saves time and resources while orienting delivery pipeline closer to your business objectives.  Show Less

Core Components

Server Provisioning

We carry out provisioning tasks from selecting servers, operating system, or storage type to restricting network access, setting up application, and hardening. We also configure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on demand.

Ad-hoc Commands

Save your time by executing simple tasks like file transfer with a single quick command. Other typical tasks include managing packages, versions, user groups, time-limited operations, and more.

Configuration Management

Model desired state of environment, simulate configuration changes, perform audits, maintain reports of performance and security with our experts. We also plan audits, integration, and versioning.

Non-System Specific Multi-Tier Orchestration

We manage workflow to tie up automated tasks from installing software to provisioning load balancers, servers, and databases. This renders contextual flexibility through declarative or logical workflow model.

Hardware Resource Pool

We provision, configure, and maintain underlying resources such as compute capacity, storage, scalable VMs, and server memory with configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt.

Let’s Work Together to

  • Plan resource requirement profile
  • Deploy and configure servers
  • Monitor network processes
  • Report integration results
  • Check resource consumption profile

Collaborate with us so that complex provisioning for cloud solutions are taken care of without snags. A well-conceived orchestration is reflected in the efficient workings of your applications while bringing down your total scale-out cost. So what’s not to like?

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