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Document Database—the Database for Agile Businesses

Is “agile” how you would describe your business?

You need a database that has the flexibility to store and process diverse data types as your business expands or rapidly changes course.

Document Database

Why Document Database?

Support for Unstructured Data

  • Schema-free data management
  • Self-contained documents with data and metadata
  • Deeper nesting
  • Quick retrieval of flat data
  • Optimal tree and graph processing


  • Horizontally scalable through auto-sharding
  • Supports mapreduce paradigm
  • High availability through replication

Rapid Development

  • Easy-to-write application logic
  • Developer-friendly JSON format
  • Multi-language support
  • RESTful APIs
Benifits of  MongoDB

MongoDB is the world’s fastest-growing document database with high scalability, performance, and availability.

  • JSON-style documents stored in BSON format
  • Supports ad-hoc queries
  • Document-level atomicity
  • Dynamic schema
  • Supports mapreduce operations
  • ACID-compliant at document level
  • Flexible data modelling
  • Scales to 1000+ nodes
  • Eventual consistency

Think Document Database...

Product Catalog

The fluid schema allows new products to be added to the database without having to restructure data.

Shopping Cart

Processing of items in the shopping cart involves a single remote call which is efficiently executed on a document data model.

Content Management

Document databases are ideal for real-time storing and querying of dynamic CMS data.

Featured App

Home modeling app

The client wanted an application that would allow builders to model their homes with their choice of home-building products. The application required a database that would keep pace with the changes in the product list.

We chose MongoDB for its flexible schema and the ease of data retrieval using JSON index. MongoDB’s capacity to scale with the spiralling product base was a clincher for us.

    Is document database the one for you?