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Architecture and Consultancy

Architects identify complex business requirements and break them into simpler, cohesive components that can be seamlessly built and integrated by the developing team. After defining a detailed road map for the entire development life cycle, our architects take over technological ownership of the delivery, ensuring risk mitigation and excellent execution at the same time.

Architecture diagram

Good Architecture Facilitates

  • Higher quality at lower cost
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Lesser development effort
  • Greater flexibility
  • Easy scalability

At QBurst, Architects...

  • Build to change instead of building to last.
  • Value both functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Analyze user needs and identify gaps in requirements before designing a solution.
  • Identify sub-systems, consider layers and components to abstract them.
  • Use an incremental and iterative approach to designing architecture.
  • Act as business consultants in addition to technology consultants.
Key Considerations

QBurst enforces a strong foundation for OTB (Out of The Box) solutions as well as custom-built solutions. Collaborative efforts from technical architecture team ensures right strategies are put in place to develop a world-class product.