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How We Deliver

QBurst works on a delivery model which is unique to the company. It is one we have developed and perfected over the years to successfully meet the demands of our client base. The model stands on these cornerstones.

Global Workforce

With offices in the US, UK, UAE, India, Singapore, and Australia, we extend local and global support to clients. Requirements analysis and project management is often carried out at the client site through direct interactions. Development and testing can take place at any of the different centers to tap into the best available skill-set. Geographically dispersed teams also help us to effectively utilize time. We operate under the EU data protection law making it possible for European clients to engage us. Working in similar time zones as our clients make coordination a lot easier while multiple development centers give us the flexibility to scale up resources even on short notice.

Agile Methodology

QBurst has based its development methodology on the Agile Manifesto. We believe in lightweight processes, eliminating waste and delivering as fast as possible. The lean and agile development process allows us to respond quickly to changing client requirements. Clients appreciate the fact that we are accommodating.

Transparent Communication

We are open and honest with clients. Quick to meet deadlines, we ensure our clients are alerted in case of an unforeseen delay. At QBurst, client collaboration is valued over contract negotiation. So, our clients trust us and happily voice it.

Collaboration Tools

We believe in making the development process as collaborative as possible. With the availability of high-speed Internet, clients and developers can participate in video conference calls from multiple locations using tools like Google Hangouts or Skype. QBurst uses Google Apps for email, instant messaging, documents and spreadsheets making real-time collaboration and version-control a snap. We recommend Redmine for tracking product roadmap, features, and defects. Another tool we use is Trac. Some of our clients prefer Jira. Both developers and product owner have access to the tracking tool, so that everyone is on the same page with respect to roadmap and status of tasks.

Benefits of Our Model

Cost savings

Access to skilled resources

Easy collaboration

Faster development cycles

Quick delivery